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NBA Ball Stars: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

NBA Ball Stars is a new puzzle game featuring your favorite NBA players for the iOS and Android platforms. You can choose your favorite team to play with, draft an entire team full of players, and then use match three gameplay to beat the other team in the league play or in versus play.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for NBA Ball Stars!

Playing the game itself is fairly easy. Tap on an identical group of at least two tiles to clear them out. Clearing out a specific number of pieces creates a special tile that either clears out a line, bombs out a certain number of tiles around it, or clears all tiles of a specific color.

If two of the special tiles are right next to each other, then you can tap one of them to combine the two of them for extra affect. The color tile clearing piece can be combined with either a bomb or a line clearing piece, which will fill up the entire board with pieces that clear out bombs or lines. Combine two of the pieces that clear out a tale of a certain color, and you will clear out the entire board at the same time.

Be sure to focus on powering up your office of an defense of players, not just one or the other. Whenever you get a special move, especially on offenses, use it, because not only will you either make the shot or block the shot, but there will be special perks that come with using the move, usually setting up for the next move.

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Especially be sure to use a three point shot whenever you get a chance, simply because every other turn will allow you to win two points per turn, rather then three points. Load up the three-point power quickly, but if it’s not practical to do so, then clear out other pieces some more three-point tile pieces will show up.

There are two ways to upgrade your team. One of them is by drafting new players, so be sure to draft players as often as possible in order to get the rarest, most high tier players possible. Five star players are the rarest and toughest.

Upgrading individual players is the other way to improve your team. The simplest way to do that is by leveling them up, something that you should be doing to your entire team. If you have enough shards, you can also promote a player, which will increase their star ranking and all of their based distichs.

Equipping your player with training equipment is another way to improve them, because this will improve their stats similar to equipping weapons or armor in your average role playing game.

You also want to make sure that you’re fielding the right formation so that you make the most out of each player’s abilities. As you play through the game, you will unlock even more formations, and you can also swap players in and out and shuffle them around to different positions. Be sure to also add to each new player that your draft to the team, if their skills are better than one of the current starters.

Spend your cash and your player tokens wisely; don’t just use them on wasteful things. One of the most useful things that you can spend your cash on is drafting rare players, but if you already have super rare or excellent players, there might be a better thing for you to purchase, such as equipment.


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