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NBA Clash – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

NBA Clash is a new player versus player basketball game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can pick your favorite team and build the team out of various players from all over the NBA, including rare, epic, and legendary players. You can earn bags, coins, and diamonds, upgrade your players, to be even better on the field, and win trophies by competing against other players.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for NBA Clash!

Your team consists of up to six players at one time. Your team construction is not limited by the actual real life positions of these players, but each one has an icon that represents a strength, such as office or defense. Be sure to set your players in the correct positions, so that you can maximize your OVR, which is your overall team rating.

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Keep in mind that you can also choose your preferred formation for your team, and then fit your players in around that formation. The formation that you select should be chosen with your strongest players in mind; when you unlock new players or upgrade players that you already have to the point where they can be taken off the bench and added to the team, then revisit your formation as needed.

The first team to 11 points is the team that wins the game. Regardless of the skill level of your players, or your overall team rating, your chances of victory depend on actually playing each match, and how well you can use your offensive and defensive skills. Always keep track of where the ball is and who has it, and pass or drive down the lane wisely. Keep the strengths and weaknesses of your team in mind when deciding what moves to use to either score or prevent your opponents from scoring.

This especially applies to the special skills that each of your players has. When you use a special skill, it can be extremely useful if you actually make the play, but if you lose track of which player has the ball, or fail to get the ball to the player that you choose, or fail to use the defensive player properly, then the skill will go to waste.

Whenever you win a round, you will unlock a bag, which can then be opened up for coins, diamonds, and new player cards. Common cards occur much more frequently than cards for rare or epic players, which can lead to a situation where you upgrade your common players until they have enough overall value to actually be worth more than some of your rare or epic players. Construct your team accordingly.

In addition to winning coins through matches, you can also get more coins by going to the store and watching an advertisement video. Coins can be used not only to upgrade players who have enough cards to be eligible, but also to purchase player cards in the store, especially in the daily deals section. This section contains cards and card fragments that you can buy in order to unlock new players, or to finish upgrading players that you already have.

Be sure to collect all of the rewards from the challenges and achievements that you complete. Not only are these an excellent way to earn free bags, but you can even earn free diamonds this way, and diamonds are extremely difficult to come by in this game.