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MADFUT 24 – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

MADFUT 24 is a new card game for the iOS and Android platforms that, like the previous editions, is a spin off of the idea of FIFA Ultimate Team. You can draft and collect cards of your favorite football/soccer players, compete against other players to see who can field the best lineup, and engage in other competitions, while winning rare card packs, coins, tokens, and other prizes.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for MADFUT 24!

The game begins with the draft, and while you might think at first that the strength of your team is only based off of the player card scores, it’s actually chemistry that is more important. The chemistry line will be red if there are no similarities in league or country between one player and a player adjacent to them.

If two players play in the same league, the same country, or they play for two different countries that speak the same language, then they will have chemistry, and their chemistry line will be yellow. If they play in the same league and also from the same country, then their chemistry line will be green and both will have significant performance bonuses.

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You can redo the draft as many times as you want without having to spend any sort of currency; all that you have to do will be to watch a video advertisement. An easy way to get high chemistry is to focus on players that are from either a country that has lots of professional soccer players, a league that has a ton of different teams, or both. It’s much easier to field a team made entirely of players from Brazil than it is to field a team made entirely of players from the United States, for example.

You can also change the formation of your team in order to build a lineup that is more conducive to your mix of players. If the formation that you have now isn’t working, then simply change the formation and then try to build a team out of the cards that you already have. This is especially useful if you have a ton of players whose positions don’t fit with your current formation.

Fatal mode allows you to compete against other players, one card at a time. You can compete with your attack against their defense and vice versa, or you and them can compete your control against each other. be sure to check the rules of engagement, because players from certain countries will have a built-in advantage, and chemistry will give an advantage as well.

Pack and packs are two different modes with very similar names. Pack mode allows you to constantly tap and open new basic packs for free, and while the players are nothing special, this is an excellent way to build a huge deck and acquire lots of players who are from the same country in the same league. Packs mode allows you to spend coins in order to get card packs full of premium players.

As you make your way through the game, you will gain experience levels, and as you gain experience levels, you will unlock new modes that have previously not been made available to you. One mode is trading, where you can trade with either your friends or with random players. So if you have a player that you wouldn’t mind losing and somebody wants that player, they can offer you a deal and hook you up with a player that is more rare or special to you.