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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (iOS/Android) – How to get more gold, rare, Team of the Week and special cards, Page 1

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team features loads of options for how to build your team, taking after its predecessors with this gameplay feature. You have players from all over the world, from the EPL to Bundesliga to MLS and everything in between, so there are plenty of options. You have bronze, silver, gold and rare versions of all of these cards, plus special cards and Team of the Week cards. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get all of the best cards!

All three types of color packs (bronze, silver, gold) can be purchased through the in-game store for either coins or FIFA points. It can be fairly expensive to purchase them through here, but this is your surest shot. Depending on whether you get a standard or premium version of the bronze, silver, or gold pack, you will get either 1 rare or 3 rares (a rare being a shiny version of a bronze, silver, or gold, with increased stats compared to a normal version of that color).

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Complete various achievements. Not only will these earn coins for you, but oftentimes you’ll also earn free card packs here. Some of them involve little to no effort – for example, you can get a free gold pack simply for connecting the game to Facebook. Other times you have to play in a tournament or do something else for the first time.

Scroll back and forth between the achievement menus too. The learn tab is a short one, while the play box is a large one that’s loaded with prizes. The “manage” box contains a quest that is currently the ONLY known quest to provide a special card (making a 15,000 coin profit on the transfer market). Other quests, of course, provide gold cards.

Even outside of the tournaments, you can earn card packs for free simply by winning in a tournament. There’s a wide variety of tournaments, with the tougher ones offering a gold card pack in addition to the usual coin prize.

Team of the Week cards will pop up randomly in the various purchased packs and in the transfer market. To find out which ones they are, go to the Team of the Week tab and make note of which cards are “in form” for the week. You’ll be able to find them on the transfer market later on, too – not by name but by league, club and nationality to make it easy.

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