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FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) – How to build the ultimate team to win every tournament

FIFA 14, for the iOS and Android platforms, is absolutely loaded with tournaments, ranging from the slightly easy to the fiendishly difficult and nearly impossible. In order to even have a chance at these tournaments you are going to need to build the “ultimate team”, which will consist of both high chemistry and high team and player rankings. Read on to find out how to do this!

Building team chemistry is one of the most neglected parts of the game for most players, it’s one of the most difficult, and it’s extremely worth it. To build a team with a chemistry of 100, first, make sure that every player is in the right position. All of the CDMs need to be in the CDM position, all of the LMs need to be in the LM position, and so on and so forth. If you don’t have the right positions, look through your formations.

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Also, all of the players should be from the same country. Players who are next to each other who are of the same nationality will both get a chemistry bonus, so if your entire team is from the same country, then your entire team will get a huge chemistry bonus. If all of your players are in the right position AND in the same team, your chemistry will be 100 percent.

Also, your entire team needs to be filled with gold players in order to have a rating over 80. Fill your team with gold players, and then use training cards on them to increase their stats until their ratings equal out to a team rating of 85. This will get you the Ultimate Team achievement, and will make your team almost unbeatable. Fill your entire team with rare (shiny) gold cards to make it even stronger.

So how do you get there? Use the Transfer option for the player cards. Figure out exactly what position and nationality you need, and then search for any gold cards (especially rare gold cards) that are within that criteria. Keep buying until your team is loaded with what you need, then start buying card packs in order to get training cards (or finding them on the transfer market).

As always, make sure to load up on contract cards and on fitness cards. Contract cards are used to resign players who run out of games, and fitness cards are used to heal players who sustain injuries during play or whose energy levels drop to a low enough level that their performance is impacted.