FIFA 14 (iOS/Android): How to win without spending any money

FIFA 14 is now a freemium game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, so like all free games, it has plenty of in app purchases that you can buy. EA has made an admirable effort to make the game playable without spending any money on freemium purchases, and it’s actually very possible to win in seasons and tournaments without having to spend any money. Read on to find out how!

Spending money on FIFA Points will greatly speed up how quickly you can build your team. Everything that can be bought with FIFA Points can also be purchased with coins, however. Save up your coins and use the coins to buy the gold card packs. Saving up for the gold team special card pack, which costs 30,000 coins, will instantly put you in a position to compete at a high level.

It’s not enough just to have a highly rated team with nothing but gold players, though. Gold rare cards are the best cards in the whole game. The rare cards are the ones that appear to be shiny. For these, buy the gold card packs, or take your coins over to the Transfer area and specifically search for gold rare cards. The transfer area is also a great source of normal gold cards with which to gradually build up your team. Use training cards to boost their stats even further.

Even that isn’t enough. Your team needs to have great chemistry. Pick a formation, and then match all of the players’ positions to the positions in the formation. To go for the full 100 percent team chemistry, not only should all of your positions match, but your players should be from the same country. Players from the same country that are right next to each other will get a chemistry boost, so if all players are from the same country, they will all get huge boosts in chemistry.

Even with a top team, you still need to master the controls and the in game strategies in order to be victorious. Use the classic controls, rather than the touch controls, because they allow for FAR more strategy. Use the settings in the game to edit the auto-tackling and the auto switching the way you want it to be.

Become a master of making smart passes, because a heavy passing game is practically a requirement against extremely tough defenses. Switch players rapidly, especially on defense so that you can stay ahead of the player who has the ball, which will allow you to make better sprint tackles and slide tackles. Don’t shoot until you put yourself close enough to the goal to have a chance of making it. Master all of the special skill moves to throw off even the toughest of defenders, and know when to use them or when to simply pass and run.

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