FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) – How to get more Coins and FIFA Points

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FIFA !4 is the latest entry in one of the oldest soccer/football game franchises in the world, and the iOS and Android versions of the game are worthy of earning the name. There are two types of currencies in FIFA 14. The main currency is coins, while the premium currency is FIFA Points. You can buy most of what you need using both of these, but one is obviously more rare than the other. Read on to find out how to earn more of both!

The main way to earn more coins in the ultimate team mode of FIFA 14 is to play more games. You can play games in the tournaments, in the season mode, or in the quick match. You will earn more coins for positive things that you do in the match, such as scoring goals, having a high pass accuracy percentage, shots on goal or executing tackles, while you will lose points for giving up goals and other negative things. You’ll have a points multiplier that changes depending on the difficulty of the match and of the star rating of the team. More stars = more coins.

Complete the active objectives to earn coin bonuses. Don’t just look at the recommended objectives, though – tap on all four of the tabs to see the achievements (Recommended, Learn, Play and Build). Any achievement that has a blue dot next to it has coins ready to be collected.

Sell cards in the Transfer area to earn plenty of coins. The higher the rating of the card that you sell, the higher that you will be able to set the price at and still be able to sell the card. Player cards, of course, will earn the most money, but other cards (especially contracts) will often be in high demand.

To make even more coins in the transfer area, search for cheap cards (such as gold cards with a buy it now price of between 800 and 1,200 coins), buy them, and then turn around and resell them for a profit. With gold cards, you can set the buy it now price to at least 1,800 and expect to make a sale, which will earn you a hefty profit on cards bought cheap.

As far as FIFA points go, there is only one way to earn more FIFA points, and that is to buy them in the store, with real money. You can spend as little as 99 cents or as much as 99 dollars on FIFA Points. Spending at least 8 dollars, though, will earn you additional bonus FIFA points for free on top of what you already purchased, so spend more money to get more free FIFA points.

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