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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – Full Chemistry Guide: How to maximize player and team chemistry, Page 1

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the latest edition of EA Sports’ storied soccer/football franchise, but because this is the iOS/Android version, this edition focuses solely on the ultimate team mode. Your goal is to build the best custom club possible using players from a variety of countries, leagues, and teams. Sound easy? It’s a lot tougher than it sounds, because your team has to have great chemistry as well. Read on for a full guide on how to build a team with a great chemistry in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team!

To start off, there are two different types of chemistry. You have chemistry as a team, and you also have chemistry for each individual player. Player chemistry is simpler to understand the team chemistry, but not by much. The only factor in player chemistry is the players that they are playing immediately next to. With team chemistry, you take that into account as well as whether a player is in the right position, or something close to their correct position, as well as the other staff of your team.

Players can either have no chemistry, or varying levels of chemistry depending on what they have in common. The most basic chemistry connection happens when two players share the same nationality. When players play on the same team, they will have a stronger chemistry connection. The strongest connection, however, comes when you have two players playing next to each other to play for the same club.

This only goes for players who are playing immediately next to each other. You will be able to determine what their chemistry level is by the color of the line that connects the two players. The red line signifies the worst chemistry, and orange line signifies moderate chemistry, while the green line signifies the best possible chemistry between two players.

As stated before, Wade team chemistry is being taken into consideration, you also want to look at what position you were players are in the air whether or not they are playing out of position. If the player position matches the position of their current location on the field, The foot icon will glow green. The foot icon will glow red if a player is severely out of position. If they are out of position but are still a decent fit for the one that you place them in, the foot icon will glow orange.

Other staff can increase or decrease your team chemistry. The coach is the most notable example. In general you want to have a coach who plays for the same country, in the same league, or on the same team as the maximum amount of your players as possible. Otherwise, they will do nothing to boost the chemistry.

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