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Football Clicker – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Football Clicker is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android with a new twist. Your goal is to put together an entire football team, starting with your kicker, who kicks accurately every time, at dizzying rates of speed depending on the quickness of your taps. You can even battle it out against bots or against other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Football Clickers!

You can tap with more than one finger at a time. You’ll kick goals a whole lot more quickly if you tap with two or even four fingers, rather than just one. Don’t tap with all of them at the same time, though – alternate them at high speed for the maximum effect, so that you can score the most points and make the most money possible.

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You have a bar at the upper right corner of your screen that fills up as you tap and as your teammates earn you points. When it fills up, one training day ends and the next one begins. Each time that it fills up, check the menus for a new bonus, such as the ability to draft a new teammate, so tap as quickly as you can and upgrade your taps in order to ensure that this bar keeps filling up.

Draft offensive team members so that you can score points automatically, and also draft defensive team members to take points away from the other team when you play in the matches. Most players neglect defense or forget that it’s there, so upgrade yours as high as you can, and draft as many players as you can for an instant advantage.

There are plenty of ways to get free diamonds in the game (which are the premium currency of this game). If you want to get free diamonds, go to the diamond menu and look for options such as liking on Facebok, watching a video or rating the game. Diamonds can also be found within the levels themselves.

Once you become part of a team, you can earn medals for winning. The more medals you have, the better your reward at the end of a tournament session. Even if you do not join a team though, there are still plenty of rewards and plenty of ways to earn more coins.