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Football Heroes PRO 2017 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Football Heroes PRO 2017 is the latest in the Football Heroes series of games by Run Games. You play using real NFL players but fake teams, and your goal is to essentially beat the hell out of the other team on the way to winning an actual game against them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Football Heroes PRO 2017!

Kickoff returns are very easy in this game if you know how to do them properly. Once your kick returner has the ball, take a side route so that you don’t get hit by every player on the other team at once. Once one or two players begin approaching you, tap rapidly to push them and quickly drain their health. If they approach you from the side, you will have an easier time at this, so much so that you can push away an entire team if you tap fast enough.

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Coins are the currency of the game, and are used to purchase card packs. In addition to the coins you win from the games themselves, you can also win bonus coins at the end of the round. You earn 50 if you watch an ad video, and 25 each for social sharing. Play in the coin battles to earn an even larger amount of coins, but the higher the coin wager is, the tougher the competition will tend to be.

Save up your coins for the strongest players. There is no point in buying basic card packs as you earn so many of these cards anyways throughout the game that the purchase won’t be worthwhile. Buy the advanced player deck, or hit the draft to pick up some better players.

Stick to your defensive play as closely as possible. If you run a guy out of position trying to sack the quarterback, you’ll get more sacks, but you’ll also give up more long passes or long runs unless you very quickly switch players to follow where the ball is going. Offensive plays, however, are easier to deviate from and get away with it.

Put the game on auto-play in order to let it take over so that you can win coins at high speed and level up your players. Your players earn experience after every game, win or loss. Use the quick-play mode to level your players up so that they can win easily in the league modes.