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Flick Kick Football Legends – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Flick Kick Football Legends is the latest entry in the football/soccer series (depending on where you’re from) by PikPok. This game introduces insanely good looking comic book style graphics to the whole affair, along with some card battling elements, such as the ability to upgrade from common to rare player cards. You play both offense and defense, and even come across some shady rich dudes offering you cash as a reward. Read on for Flick Kick Football Legends tips and tricks!

Kicking goals in this game is fairly easy; it’s playing defense that’s the hard part. You have to learn how to time your defensive maneuvers perfectly in order to steal the ball, but once you do, it’s fairly easy to pull off defensive moves. You should try to flick the ball away when it’s about halfway between where the opposing team’s player started and your (the player whose eyes you are looking through) location. Too early or too late and you will whiff the steal.

Kicking a goal and passing to a teammate should be approached differently, as well. When passing to a teammate, do a light swipe, because then it’s easier to swipe away from a defender and have your teammate run and get the ball. However, when kicking a goal, you should swipe as hard as you can, because the harder the shot, the easier it is to get it past a defender or a goalie, or both.

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Oftentimes when you have the ball, there will be a point when the camera is moving sideways before you kick. Wait until the camera is as close to parallel to the goal (or giving you a good viewpoint of the defender) as possible to make the shot, because if you kick too soon, or too late, then you will have zero chance of making the shot, especially a shot on a goal.

You can get free cash from boosters and shady folks, but if you go to the store area, there are also ways to get free cash from within. For example, you can watch advertisement videos or use the Tapjoy offer wall in order to do so.

Save up for the best card packs so that you can get as many uncommon or rare players as you can. Even though your win or you loss ultimately comes down to how you perform in the game itself, having better players on your team in the game can make for a much easier gametime situation.