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Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain – Walkthrough: Answers 30-69

Question 30: The largest possible number is 909
Question 31: Tap the word “elephant” in the question
Question 32: 7+7/7+7×7-7=50
Question 33: Drop the exclamation mark from the question onto the end of “Do not touch here!”
Question 34: To follow the instruction on the paper (this side faces down), flip the phone screen-side down.
Question 35: Pull the doll apart with two fingers, and a smaller one will be inside.
Question 36: The smallest possible number on the calculator is 0.

Question 37: Tap until the button says -1 because it skips a number
Question 38: The least possible number is 6 because the hole in the back is one hole.
Question 39: Move the orange slice to reveal another orange slice, then tap both at the same time.
Question 40: Tilt the phone to the left to reveal the switch, then shut it off by tapping it.
Question 41: Pretend to whack yourself in the head with your phone. Don’t actually hit yourself through.
Question 42: “The ring is not in this box” so the ring is in B

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Question 43: Tilt the phone upside down to see the whole length of the light. It’s the red one.
Question 44: Swipe the window shut, then hit the X in the corner of the in-screen window.
Question 45: Drag the word smile into the camera lens, then use two fingers to expand it.
Question 46: Put the word “elephant” from the question into the fridge
Question 47: Open the curtains by pulling them apart with two fingers.
Question 48: Chicago (CHIcken CAt GOat)
Question 49: “Three statements here are false” is true.

Question 50: Shake the phone
Question 51: Turn the phone screen down to open the doors, then tap the key
Question 52: Push the word “Button” and the yellow button ten times each.
Question 53: 7 seats. One woman is the grandmother and the other two moms are her daughters.
Question 54: Swipe the lightbulb to the right to unscrew the bulb and turn the lamp off.
Question 55: Place the phone face down to hide the card from everyone around you.

Question 56: Push the cigarette together with two fingers and roll it together to snuff it out.
Question 57: Tilt the phone upside down to open the trunk, then put the elephant in it.
Question 58: The eraser costs 5 cents.
Question 59: Rotate the phone in the direction given.
Question 60: Tear in half the “24.50” tag to remove the 50, then pay 24 dollars.
Question 61: Drag “121 times” onto the button and then push it.
Question 62: Drag the words “this card” away to reveal the card underneath.
Question 63: No tricks here, just tap the buttons 1, 2, 3, 5, 4.

Question 64: Type 8, turn the phone sideways and hit submit for “infinity”
Question 65: Drag the exclamation mark from the question into the clock.
Question 66: Move the top and far right orange down to the bottom and left side of the formation to make a square.
Question 67: Put your finger down on the bulbs and watch for the text bos saying it’s hot. Then tap that bulb.
Question 68: Turn the phone screen down to hide the elephant.
Question 69: Strike the match against the top of the screen then light the candle.

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