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Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories – McBrain Family: All Answers and Solution

Level 1 question: Welcome to the McBrain family house. get to know them by matching their names.

Level 1 answer: John, Jenny, Jack, Nancy, Dory.

Level 2 question: John must get ready for work.

Level 2 answer: Pull his pants off using your finger, then put the pants on the ironing board. Iron them and then put them back on John.

Level 3 question: So many choking hazards around, watch out.

Level 3 answer: Put the blocks in the bin, but avoid the baby. Move the teddy bear out of the way to find a third block to put away.

Level 4 question: Time for breakfast!

Level 4 answer: Open the fridge and give the kid with the bowl cereal and milk. Cook the egg on the frying pan and give it to the kid with the plate. Give the baby the bottle.

Level 5 question: Nap time for Dory, help get her to sleep.

Level 5 answer: Gently rock the chair back and forth with your finger until she falls asleep. The key word is gently.

Level 6 question: Help Nancy do exercise with her mother.

Level 6 answer: Use the comb to pop the balloon, then tap Nancy’s arm that corresponds to the arm her mom raises, and repeat.

Level 7 question: Help Nancy win against Jack.

Level 7 answer: Lift the red block with one finger, then move the purple block with another finger.

Level 8 question: Jack took revenge for his defeat by messing with Nancy’s dolls!

Level 8 answer: Open the box and flip it until another doll head falls out, then color match the doll heads with the doll bodies.

Level 9 question: Someone broke the correct order in the family album!

Level 9 answer: The order should be: graduation, couple, married, babies, kids in the box, then the whole family.

Level 10 question: Jack played too much, he must stop!

Level 10 answer: Lift the right side of the couch, then tap the game console to shut it off.

Level 11 question: Nancy needs eight coins to buy a new doll.

Level 11 answer: Drag the hammer over to the piggy bank and break it to find five coins. Drag the magnet around the sandbox until it pulls out three more coins to make a total of eight.

Level 12 question: The water is too hot. Help her.

Level 12 answer: To cool the baby off, drag the removable showerhead over to the baby, then tap on the handle on the right side for the cooler water.

Level 13 question: What a mess! Let’s clean this up!

Level 13 answer: Drag the vacuum around all of the dust particles and make sure to avoid the teddy bears. When the vacuum canister is full, drag it near the trashcan to empty it. Move the couch to the left to find one last hidden particle of trash.

Level 14 question: John is back from work. Hugging time!

Level 14 answer: Raise both of his arms all the way up, then drag them out word from his body to extend them wide enough for all three of the family members.

Level 15 question: It was a long day for Jenny, she deserves some quiet time.

Level 15 answer: grab the headphones off of the TV and put them on to Jimmy‘s years. Then move the dad over to the baby so that he can pick the baby up.

Level 16 question: They want to play bowling but there is no ball.

Level 16 answer: to make a bowling ball, put all four of the socks on top of one another until they merge together into a large bar. Then give the ball to the kid.

Level 17 question: Help Nancy to win at hide and seek!

Level 17 answer: Swipe the screen to the left and top of the Bears head to find her brother, then shake the phone to find her dad in the attic.

Level 18 question: How to stop her crying?

Level 18 answer: Put the red balls on the parents’ noses and then tap them at the same time with two fingers.

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Level 19 question: Time to take a family picture.

Level 19 answer: Comb both of the older kids’ hair, give the bottle to the baby, and tap the light to turn it on.

Level 20 question: Time to sleep, everyone must get to their rooms!

Level 20 answer: Tap the box until everything is out. Move the headphones and suitcase to the bedroom, then the car to the garage, and the doll to the room with the doll on it.


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