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Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories – Emily’s Farm Answers and Solutions

Level 1 question: welcome to Emily’s farm. Wake her up to start the day.

Level 1 answer: to wake her up, the first step is to drag the sun up from behind the mountain to make the rooster crow. Then swipe up on her window to open it.

Level 2 question: The chickens and the dogs are hungry.

Level 2 answer: take the corn cobs off of the corn stocks and give them to the chickens, then take the bone from near the corn and give it to the dog.

Level 3 question: find all of the chickens.

Level 3 answer: use your finger to move chickens around the screen. They are all hiding behind each other like Russian nesting dolls. Make sure all six of them are visible.

Level 4 question: this morning is quite chilling! She must be getting some warmth!

Level 4 answer: Open the box and find the shears inside. Swipe them over the sheep over and over and over until four clouds of wool appear. Then give all of the wool to the girl.

Level 5 question: there is not enough food for all the cows!

Level 5 answer: use two fingers to zoom in on the Haybale to make it big enough for all of the cows.

Level 6 question: help her grow these flowers!

Level 6 answer: First, take the right cloud and move it out of the way to reveal the sun. Then, tap the cow over and over to wake it up. The cow will drop a hose handle, so take the handle from between its front legs and put it on the hose spigot.

Level 7 question: Let’s make a hamburger for lunch!

Level 7 answer: Grab the bottom bun with one of your fingers, then catch all of the middle ingredients in any order, then last, catch the top bun.

Level 8 question: Emily wants these flowers to blossom!

Level 8 answer: Grab the drip of honey off of the beehive to draw the bee out. Drag the honey to the flower that’s already blossomed to make the bee land on it for pollen. Then drag it to the other flowers to pollinate them.

Level 9 question: Hey! What did I just tell? Stop this please!

Level 9 answer: Drag the box on the right side out of the way to find a saw. Then use the saw to chop the middle of the table and make it fall over.

Level 10 question: They must get to their moms.

Level 10 answer: The right switch controls the left door, the left switch controls the center door, and the center switch controls the right door. The horse has no kids, and the sheep have two.

Level 11 question: She needs help collecting the apples.

Level 11 answer: Move the cow in front of the tree, then tap the fence to unleash the bull and get it to run into the tree and knock down all the apples.

Level 12 question: She needs some fresh milk.

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Level 12 answer: Pet the cow with your finger to put it to sleep, then tap and drag down the udders to milk the cow safely.

Level 13 question: Emily heard about a rare red squirrel in these woods. Find it!

Level 13 answer: Drag the trees up to find hidden holes in their trunks, then drag the acorn in front of the hidden holes to find the red squirrel.

Level 14 question: Let’s make some lemonade!

Level 14 answer: Shake your phone to drop lemons, then put the bucket under the hose spigot, and tap the spigot to turn it on. Put the water from the bucket into the cauldron, then put the lemons into the cauldron.

Level 15 question: She must till the farm, but the tractor is not working.

Level 15 answer: Tap the ropes attached to each stake to clip them, then drag the field around under the tractor until it’s plowed.

Level 16 question: Time for some rodeo!

Level 16 answer: Feed all of the hay to the horse first. Then attach her glove to the reins and hit the start button and she won’t get kicked off the horse.

Level 17 question: It’s time to harvest our carrots!

Level 17 answer: Move the bush out of the way to reveal the rabbit hole, then move the hole under the rock and put all of the carrots underneath the basket.

Level 18 question: The sheep wonders what is beyond the farm.

Level 18 answer: Plant the seed using the shovel, then drag the sheep on top of where the seed was planted. Now use the watering can to water the spot.

Level 19 question: She is so happy to see the snow, but where are the chickens?

Level 19 answer: Tap on the tree to shake the snow off and find one. drag the shovel around to dig up the snow and find two more. Move the left rock to find one more.

Level 20 question: After a long day of working, she just wants to watch TV.

Level 20 answer: Pick up the comb and rub it against her hair to make static electricity. Then drag the comb up to the battery to make power and turn on the TV.

Level 21 question: Let’s celebrate Emily’s birthday with an apple cake.

Level 21 answer: Shake the phone to make apples fall, then put them in the mixing bowl. Move the chicken to get an egg, and put that in as well. Milk the cow by putting the bucket under it, and put it into the mixer. Finally, take the spoon from the sugar and put it in the mixer to get a cake.


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