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Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories – Tom’s Adventure Answers and Solutions

Level 1 question: This is Tom. Try to get friendly with him.

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Level 1 answer: Rub his head over and over until he gives a big smile.

Level 2 question: He is looking for something to eat.

Level 2 answer: Move the tomatoes out of the way to find a chicken leg, then give it to the cat.

Level 3 question: It is not fair! Tom wants some fish too!

Level 3 answer: tap the TV to change the channel temporarily, then give the fish to the cat while the channel is changed

Level 4 question: Tom wants the biggest rope ball.

Level 4 answer: Put all of the rope balls on top of one another to merge them together and make them huge. Then give it to the cat.

Level 5 question: Tom’s owner is angry that the mouse walks freely around the house.

Level 5 answer: Give the balloon to the man multiple times to have him blow it up until it pops and wakes the cat. Then move the cat over to the mouse.

Level 6 question: the mouse is hungry, get him some cheese.

Level 6 answer: Turn the bowl upside down by spinning it with your finger. Then pick it up and shake it to make cheese fall out.

Level 7 question: They must escape from the house.

Level 7 answer: Tap the remote to turn on the TV, then when the guy gets up, spill the water on his spot on the couch. When he takes off his pants, a key will fall out. Pick up the key and put it in the door.

Level 8 question: They need to cross the alley, but these dogs are dangerous.

Level 8 answer: Shake the phone to make the sleeping dog fall off, then open up the trash can. Pull a bone out and put it in the ground.

Level 9 question: He is very tired but they must be on their way!

Level 9 answer: There is a scent line coming from the meat. Drag it all the way over to the car to wake it up.

Level 10 question: Tom has fallen in love in first sight, Help him win her heart!

Level 10 answer: Move the mouse over to the key on the cop’s pants, then put the key in the lock to let the dogs out and chase off the other cats. After you do that, put the mouse at the left leg of the bench to chew it, then when the chocolate falls, give it to the female cat.

Level 11 question: They need a disguise to get on the plane.

Level 11 answer: spill water in front of the security guard to make him slip. Tap the suitcase to get the suit, then put the suit on the cat. Put the mouse in front of the guy with the hat, then when he is scared out of his hat, give the hat to the cat.

Level 12 question: The plane must go through a dangerous turbulence.

Level 12 answer: Turn your phone to landscape mode and then tilt it to the left and right to get the plane to stay away from the top or bottom of the screen. Do this until the timer is done.

Level 13 question: Make this flight a bit more comfortable for them.

Level 13 answer: Move the luggage and tap on the seat lever to move it forward and wake the one guy up. Then take the kid’s stinky socks and use them to wake up the other guy.

Level 14 question: They took a wrong flight! They must jump down while they pass Africa!

Level 14 answer: Line all of the clouds up vertically underneath the cat, then tap the cat to jump.

Level 15 question: A monkey got Mick. Catch him!

Level 15 answer: Tap the anthill on the monkey’s side to release an ant. Put the cat on the frog’s back. Swipe on the lily pad to make a new one. Make two new ones, then line up the three of them.

Level 16 question: Tom must catch this naughty monkey.

Level 16 answer: Move Tom to get the monkey to run under the tree. Move Tom to the left of the monkey and then tap the tree to make a coconut fall on the monkey’s head.

Level 17 question: How can they pass this hot desert?

Level 17 answer: Move the feather into the sun to set it on fire, then put it into the fire pit to make smoke. Put the smoke in front of the sun.

Level 18 question: They are so hungry and the cub is enjoying a nice juicy meat!

Level 18 answer: Cover all possible holes using the rocks and then tap the mole to get the cub to drop the meat. Then give the meat to Tom.

Level 19 question: The lions are angry for the cub incident! They must hide.

Level 19 answer: Shake the phone to drop the leaves. Wait until the lions are looking the other way, then move the cat and mouse to the leaves.

Level 20 question: The lions are chasing, they must get across!

Level 20 answer: put the hippo in the tree and then lean the tree all the way back with your finger to throw the hippo and knock down the giraffe.

Level 21 question: These wolves are working for the king too!

Level 21 answer: move the bird and tap it to drop the rock right into the elephant’s tusk, then put the mouse behind the elephant and it will scare the wolves away.

Level 22 question: help them escape!

Level 22 answer: After the cat and mouse cross, shake the phone to break the bridge and drop the lion.

Level 23 question: They need to find an ally.

Level 23 answer: Move the donkey over to the yak, then put the crab under the donkey to freak it out and cause it to wake the yak. Grab the bananas under the yak and give them to the gorilla.

Level 24 question: Watch out! Snakes can feel their fear!

Level 24 answer: Drag the word “fear” into the fire to make green smoke, them drag the smoke to the lion.

Level 25 question: Those bananas were so delicious that the gorilla decided to fight for you!

Level 25 answer: First, tap the turtle to make it retract into a shell, then put the turtle on the gorillas had to make it into a helmet. Then rub his arms and shoulders with your fingers to increase the size of his muscles, and hit the fight button.

Level 26 question: He is the king! They must defeat him!

Level 26 answer: First, drop the gorilla onto the mushroom to bounce it off and knock the lion down one night. Next, take a stick off the tree and stick it in the hole to make a snake come out. After the lion falls again, feed for apples to the wild boar to make it fart.


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