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Braindom 2: Riddle Brain Game – Walkthrough: All Answers and Solutions

Level 1 Question: Who is pregnant?

Level 1 Answer: Swipe up on each of the girls to see who has the pregnant belly.

Level 2 Question: What is Brian’s mother’s name?

Level 2 Answer: Tap twice on the notebook to open it and see the letter from his mom.

Level 3 Question: Who is his wife?

Level 3 Answer: Tap the picture of the couple hanging on the wall for the evidence, then tap the letter corresponding to the woman in the picture.

Level 4 Question: Who is the time traveler?

Level 4 Answer: It’s the guy with the transparent sack of veggies.

Level 5 Question: Rate the game

Level 5 Answer: Five Stars

Level 6 Question: Which country should he start searching for his mother from?

Level 6 Answer: Paris, because her notebook has a picture of the Eiffel Tower in it.

Level 7 Question: Which one is the real sunflower,

Level 7 Answer: Move the Sun around and the real sunflower will follow it.

Level 8 Question: Who is married?

Level 8 Answer: Tap their phones and pick the one who missed a call from their mother in law.

Level 9 Question: Find the box.

Level 9 Answer: The box is hidden in the bottom left corner of the bed.

Level 10 Question: Solve the puzzle.

Level 10 Answer: Match the edges and corners like with a real pickle.

Level 11 Question: Which family is poor?

Level 11 Answer: Tap the kid with the phone, then tap the family whose kid doesn’t have a phone.

Level 12 Question: Who is the father?

Level 12 Answer: Tap her watch and hit “call dad”.

Level 13 Question: Who is poor?

Level 13 Answer: The guy with the coupon in his pocket.

Level 14 Question: Who is married?

Level 14 Answer: Swipe downward on all of their jackets to reveal who is wearing a shirt that says “Queen’s Husband”

Level 15 Question: Who is the father?

Level 15 Answer: Take their gloves off and one of them has a tattoo with Miles’ name on his arm.

Level 16 Question: Find the treasure chest.

Level 16 Answer: Grab the shovel and dig just below the rock on the left side.

Level 17 Question: Who is divorced?

Level 17 Answer: Tap their hands to zoom in and look for the one that is wearing a ring that isn’t a wedding ring,

Level 17 Question: Where are the slippers?

Level 17 Answer: Move the sofa and then tap the box behind it until the slippers appear.

Level 18 Question: Who has a dog?

Level 18 Answer: move the purse on the girls arm and you’ll find a bone in her pocket. She has the dog.

Level 20 Question: Make a rainbow.

Level 20 Answer: Mix all of the colors in the reverse order of the rainbow. Do purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

Level 21 Question: Who is not a statue?

Level 21 Answer: Take the camera and drag it in front of all three of them to find out which ones not a statue.

Level 22 Question: Which one is the longest?

Level 22 Answer: Drag the table downward to see which one is the tallest.

Level 23 Question: Who is cheating on the exam?

Level 23 Answer: swipe the window open to blow the papers around and figure out who is cheating.

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Level 24 Question: which one is the correct chest?

Level 24 Answer: take the water and pour it on the left chest, then put the key in the left chest, then tap both of them.

Level 25 Question: Who is lying?

Level 25 Answer: Tap their hands and look for the rock dirt on one of their hands.

Level 26 Question: Who is lying?

Level 26 Answer: Tap the picture on the wall to see whether she was a child or an adult in 1990.

Level 27 Question: Who is lying?

Level 27 Answer: Take the croissant and put it on the cutting board, then cut it open with the knife.

Level 28 Question: One statue is different. Find it.

Level 28 Answer: Turn the phone upside down and shake it to find the different one.

Level 29 Question: Find the pear!

Level 29 Answer: It’s in the tree in the top right corner of the picture, in the middle of the apples.

Level 30 Question: What is his favorite class?

Level 30 Answer: Tap his backpack multiple times to see the grades for all of the classes, then pick the one with the highest grade.

Level 31 Question: Who is the mother?

Level 31 Answer: Shake the phone to make her swing and see which one of the women comes running.

Level 32 Question: Solve the lock mechanism.

Level 32 Answer: Try Brian’s birth year, 1987.

Level 33 Question: Who is lying?

Level 33 Answer: Take the shovel and whack the bush, then grab the flower pedals and put them in front of the noses of the two people to see who is allergic.

Level 34 Question: Find the groom.

Level 34 Answer: Shake the phone to reveal where the groom is hiding.

Level 35 Question: Who is lying?

Level 35 Answer: Tap the paper airplane to see whose name is on it.

Level 36 Question: Reach the chest.

Level 36 Answer: Release the lava with the bottom key, then the water with the right key, then when the lava hardens, release Brian and guide him down to the chest.

Level 37 Question: Take the snake out of the box.

Level 37 Answer: Give the flute with four holes in the middle to the snake charmer.

Level 38 Question: Who is Cinderella?

Level 38 Answer: Swipe up on their dresses to reveal their feet, then put the slipper on the feet until one fits.

Level 39 Question: Who is the real painter?

Level 39 Answer: Put the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner to read the signature.

Level 40 Question: Make the Big Ben work again.

Level 40 Answer: Look at the preview of the level before hitting the Play button, memorize it or screen capture it, then put the gears where they’re shown in the picture.

Stay tuned for the rest of the questions and answers to all levels in Braindom 2!


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