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Smashy Road: Wanted 2 – How To Unlock All Unknown Mystery Cars and Characters

Smashy Road: Wanted 2 is the sequel to one of the most fun quick-play games in the history of the iOS and Android platforms, which came out five years ago. Your goal in this game, just like in the previous one, is to run from the cops, but this time you can get out of your car and steal everything from other cars, to airplanes, helicopters, and more.

There are 12 hidden cars in the game, as well as 12 hidden people. While most of the characters in the game can be unlocked only by spinning the gacha or by making an in-app purchase, the unknown hidden cars are secrets, and to unlock them you have to complete a specific action, kind of like the secret characters in Crossy Road.

Read on for a guide to unlocking all of the unknown mystery cars and people in Smashy Road: Wanted 2!

Unknown Cars:

Bearbit Racer: Collect all of the “SMASHY ROAD” letters. They will be scattered randomly all over the place, one letter at a time, and in that order. They are mainly in open areas, and less likely to be in crowded cities. Train tracks are a good place to hunt

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Circuit Boss: Win the quick race.

Zombie Smasher: Defeat a total of 40 or more zombies. You can find the zombies hanging out near tall buildings. Smash them all to win the car.

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Clown Car: Use the “Nofun” character that you can unlock with the gacha or by paying money for it, then go to the fair area and you can unlock the clown car. The fair area can be located in and around the city area. It looks like a carnival.

Police Car: Catch the bank robber. To do that, get out of your starting car, steal a police car sitting near the bank, then smash the robber’s car or ram it down into the water near the bank.

Water Jet 3000: Put out a total of six fires minimum. Find a fire and then drive around it for long enough and you will put it out. Repeat a total of six times or more over the course of gameplay.

Humvee: Complete “The Defuser”. To do this, unlock the Tik Tom Boom character, which is immune to landmines and comes from
the gacha, jump out of your vehicle, and diffuse 25 land mines.

Rodeo Drift: Complete “Cowboy Standoff”. Go to the old west town, jump out of your vehicle, run up to him and you will automatically challenge him to a duel.

The Tank: Use the Military Man skin and steal a tank, then shoot ten cars before the 50 second timer runs out to complete “Keep That Tank”.

Unknown Characters:

There are six total tasks that you can complete listed under “main missions” that will allow you to unlock new characters. The new tasks are:

Alien invasion: To complete this one, get to 4,500 points and the aliens will invade. This will complete the main quest so anything else that you do here is gravy. This unlocks the alien character.

Swim swim swim: to accomplish this, Swim for a combined total of 1000 seconds.

That’s a tank: Steal a tank from the military base to unlock the Tank Commander skin.

Pilot: Unsure of what this is, but us in someway involves flying a plane, or maybe a helicopter.

Big time air: this one is also unknown, but most likely involves jumping in a car off of a gigantic ramp.


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