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Smart Brain: Classic Questions – All Answers and Solution for All Levels

Smart Brain is a new trick question game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring an entire range of questions. You have all kinds of questions here, from trick questions to mazes to math problems and so much more.

Read on for all of the answers to the classic questions in Smart Brain!

Level 1 Question: Which is the largest animal?

Level 1 Answer: Tap the lion, as it’s the largest in real life.

Level 2 Question: Which of the following is nearest to earth?

Level 2 Answer: The sun is drawn closest to earth in the picture for the level.

Level 3 Question: Change the direction of the sunflower.

Level 3 Answer: Tap and drag the sun in order to move it, and the sunflower will follow it.

Level 4 Question: Tap the cow to pass the level.

Level 4 Answer: The cow is hidden behind a layer of pink in the background, so drag it out of the way to find the cow.

Level 5 Question: Which one is the largest?

Level 5 Answer: Drag the lion out of the way to find an elephant, and then tap it (since it’s the largest land mammal)

Level 6 Question: 9 months to deliver the baby. Can you make it quicker?

Level 6 Answer: Tap the calendar month to change it, then repeat 8 more times.

Level 7 Question: Extinguish the fire.

Level 7 Answer: Merge all of the water drops together to make a huge one, then drag it over to the fire.

Level 8 Question: Rebuild the dog.

Level 8 Answer: Simply put all of the pieces in the right order. The dark hexagon is the nose. The other dark pieces are the two lower legs, chest, and end of the tail.

Level 9 Question: Help! Rescue the boy!

Level 9 Answer: Move the boy over to the other guy’s parachute.

Level 10 Question: Help the kid organize the pencil box.

Level 10 Answer: Sharpen the pencil to shorten it, then put everything into the box.

Level 11 Question: Look at the image carefully.

Level 11 Answer: The top right and bottom left are the same color. The other two are the same animal.

Level 12 Question: Solve this maze.

Level 12 Answer: Just walk your character through the maze.

Level 13 Question: Can you find the five differences?

Level 13 Answer: The sun, the snail, the background cloud in the second pic, the blue seal, and whatever that thing is behind the orange hedgehog.

Level 14 Question: Can you wake the puppy up?

Level 14 Answer: Tap the lower two pipes to stop the flow. The force of the water will increase into the first pipe and wake the puppy.

Level 15 Question: Burst blue and red balloons.

Level 15 Answer: Merge the yellow and magenta balloons to make another red one. Then pop them all.

Level 16 Question: Where is the genie?

Level 16 Answer: Rub the lamp with your finger.

Level 17 Question: Let’s play a game. Don’t click on the green thing.

Level 17 Answer: Tap Go, then the checkmark below True, then the colors left to right except for the green ones.

Level 18 Question: Which number is opposite of 4 on a dice?

Level 18 Answer: The sum of opposite sides is always 7, meaning that the opposite side of 4 is 3.

Level 19 Question: Tap on total 11 cats.

Level 19 Answer: Only tap the cats, not any of the other animals, then tap 4, 2, 3, and 2 again.

Level 20 Question: Rebuild the food truck.

Level 20 Answer: Move the pieces around and if they are in the right place, they will automatically snap together.

Level 21 Question: Tap the objects in the sequence.

Level 21 Answer: Red, blue, red, red, blue, red.

Level 22 Question: Can you find the mistake here?

Level 22 Answer: The word “mistake” is misspelled.

Level 23 Question: Use arrow to hit the apple.

Level 23 Answer: Put the arrow next to the word “apple” in the question.

Level 24 Question: He lost his phone 3 hours ago. Can you help him find it?

Level 24 Answer: Set the clock on the wall back 3 hours.

Level 25 Question: Don’t let the balloons touch the spikes.

Level 25 Answer: Tap the balloons before they reach the spikes. Easy.

Level 26 Question: Can you find the panda?

Level 26 Answer: It’s hidden in the right center side of the picture.

Level 27 Question: Rearrange letters for the correct sequence.

Level 27 Answer: Drag the bottom line of the E and put it in the bottom of the F.

Level 28 Question: Tap the screen to continue.

Level 28 Answer: Tap the rabbit.

Level 29 Question: Count the total number of stars.

Level 29 Answer: Combine the two triangles to make a third star, then count.

Level 30 Question: Fill in the blanks.

Level 30 Answer: Drag text from the question into the blank spaces.

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Level 31 Question: How many days to cut the entire cloth?

Level 31 Answer: 7

Level 32 Question: Let’s play a game. Follow the instructions.

Level 32 Answer: Move the dog to the opposite side and don’t catch the ball.

Level 33 Question: Try to hit the jackpot.

Level 33 Answer: Spin the wheel and hold your finger on the $500,000.

Level 34 Question: Can you find the seven differences?

Level 34 Answer: All three characters on the left, the yellow shirt, the creature on the right, the pumpkin, and in between the kid and mummy.

Level 35 Question: Correct the equation.

Level 35 Answer: Put 9 below the blue circle and click “turn”, then do the same with 6 to make it 9.

Level 36 Question: Protect this puppy from rain.

Level 36 Answer: Grab the word “protect” from the question and put it over the puppy.

Level 37 Question: Let’s see if you can find the pig.

Level 37 Answer: Somewhere in the top left quadrant of the pic, near the center.

Level 38 Question: How many numbers are in the image?

Level 38 Answer: 10 total numbers.

Level 39 Question: Help James withdraw cash using the credit card.

Level 39 Answer: Put the word “credit card” on the blue card and then have him stick it in.

Level 40 Question: Divide the apples in such a way that each one gets an apple and one apple stays in the basket.

Level 40 Answer: Give five away, then the last apple, give it while it’s still in the basket.

Level 41 Question: Turn up your phone’s volume.

Level 41 Answer: Turn up your actual phone’s volume.

Level 42 Question: Balance the see-saw.

Level 42 Answer: Take all of the weights off.

Level 43: Help the boy skate across the road.

Level 43 Answer: Put your finger on the screen where the uber is, Hit start with another finger.

Level 44 Question: Fill and overflow the bucket of water.

Level 44 Answer: Zoom out on the bucket and then open the tap.

Level 45 Question: Quick, need your help to make a milkshake.

Level 45 Answer: Put everything in the glass and then shake the phone.

Level 46 Question: Plant all of the trees.

Level 46 Answer: Move the tree out and the green rug out of the way to find the missing concord

Level 47 Question: Count the total number of bulbs.

Level 47 Answer: Move all of the bulbs to find hidden bumbs, and also count the bulb on the hit button.

Level 48 Question: Which games are you playing right now?

Level 48 Answer: SMARTBRAIN

Level 49 Question: Can you guess the next letter?

Level 49 Answer: F for Friday

Level 50 Question: Type 78361

Level 50 Answer: Type 26073, which is how the letters are misplaces.

Levels 51-100 coming soon!