Lucky Plinko – Big Win: All 38 Decorations and How To Win Real-Life Money

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Lucky Plinko is a new iOS and Android game where you play Plinko (or Pachinko for those of you who aren’t fans of The Price Is Right), and you can earn Coins, Tokens, and Amazon Credits. This game is a fun one on its own, even without winning real money, but you can also earn a huge quantity of money with the right wins.

You can exchange all three of the currencies for real-life money, though. You can win big one time, or win little a few times. Either way, you can win money from this game.

Read on for tips on how to earn real-life money in Lucky Plinko: Big Win!

The method of play in this game is very simple. You simply tap somewhere on the top part of the screen to drop a ball down the board, and then you hope that it lands in the place with the best reward.

Most of the slots will earn you regular gold coins, but the ones with a dollar sign in the slot will earn you tokens, which are equal to real-life money. Of course some of them will earn you Amazon Cards, too, which are denoted by the Amazon logo.

If you drop a marble down into one of the lit-up slots, you’ll trigger the slot machine. The slot machine will spin, and you have a chance at winning various prizes, either small or large.

Hit the store area and you can exchange any of these three currencies for real-life money, in a certain respect. Go to the shop and swipe over three times to see what all of the exchange offers are. There are exchanges for all three currencies.

For the tokens (or the gold coins), you can exchange a million of them for $2 worth of Amazon gift cards in USD. So that’s not a very good deal, but tokens are by far the most numerous currency here.

Another exchange that you can do is the $100 coins exchange (the green bill tokens) in exchange for an actual $100 USD Amazon gift card. This, of course, is far more valuable.

Third, you can exchange Amazon cards for an actual Amazon gift card once you earn a minimum of 50 of them. While they’re worth the same amount as the cash tokens are, they’re redeemable at a lower minimum.

Other exchanges include exchanging a $777 match to claim $777 dollars. This doesn’t mean exchanging 7, 7, and 7; this means exchanging 777, 777, and 777 in the slot machine, and these are EXTREMELY hard to get. So in total, you need nine 7’s in one spin.

You can collect all decorations in order to win 10,000 dollars. This means go to the store and buy every single one of the decorations. This includes both the ones that cost tokens and the ones that cost coins, and this includes all of the ones in both pages.

Likely, you’ll also have to collect all 38 decorations before you can collect the 10,000 dollar prize. So if you can’t claim it right away, try to claim the other prizes first.

To collect all of the 38 decorations, keep spinning on the slot machine and eventually you will get one at a time, but the final ones are far more rare than the others. Even after you get 38 decorations, you’ll need to collect the other prizes first.

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  1. emi lusiana binti zulkarnain

    I want gems 99999999 I want money 99999999 I want max energy and level

  2. Chris Garza

    For lucky plinko 2 it said collect all 38 bottles n order to win ten thousand n total there’s 39 bottles in review now it said finish task when I claim who can I contact for claiming prize

  3. Joe Thomas

    This game was so fun to play until the end…I one ornament from winning, I have $94+ dollars. And can’t win another green coin..I guess that was a waste of time….


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