Dropping Ball – Classic Game: How To Win Real-Life Money for Free

By | 20201022

Dropping Ball is a new iOS and Android plinko/pachinko game where you can earn both gold coins and green tokens by dropping balls down, racking up points, and spinning for prizes. You can use power-ups and lucky drops to increase your green tokens, which are the ones that are equal in value to real-life money.

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to make it to the cash-out point and win real-life money in Dropping Ball – Classic Game!

The main way to play the game is, of course, to drop balls down toward the slots at the bottom of the screen. They will fall in for anywhere between a 1x to 50x coin value, but most importantly, they will also give you a chance at spinning the lucky wheel. The spinning wheel contains the biggest prizes out of the whole game.

You can get a number of prizes out of the spinning wheel, with some of the more common ones being a number of gold balls or a number of green balls. The gold balls, of course, are worth the usual gold coins, but the green balls will earn you some of the green tokens.

The best wins that you can get for each different type of coin are the gold 7 and the green 777. The gold 7 is fairly common and is worth loads of coins, but the green 777 is very very rare, and is worth tons of green tokens.

If you hit the crying emoji on the spinning wheel, you get absolutely nothing. However, you can still choose to watch an advertisement video in order to get another spin. If you do another spin, then you will win every time.

Once you run out of balls, you have three options to get more of them. You can wait for them to regenerate, but it takes about two minutes for each specific ball. Also, they do not regenerate online, making waiting a useless option unless you plug your phone in and leave the game active for two hours.

You can also buy more balls for $2.00 in green tokens, and you can watch an advertisement video to regenerate all of your balls. While the ad video option will have you spending nothing, the two dollar option actually will get you to $100 the quickest, because for every full restoration of balls you get, you on average end up with $5-10 dollars at the end of it.

One of the biggest problems with the game that players tend to deal with is that the cash stops coming at a certain point, usually between when you hit the $93-97 threshold. There isn’t much you can do about that other than spend cash for balls, because that’s the way the game is programmed. So what can you do about that to win the cash?

The game is programmed to determine if the player is able to win right when they download the game, so you can delete the game, download it again, and try to reset the algorithm to see if it lets you make the $100 threshold. Most players are algorithmically chosen not to be able to win; if everyone could win, then the dev would go broke with how fast the money racks up.

Or, you can simply play the game for fun, instead of trying to win money. Do that, and you won’t be disappointed at all.

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