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Pinball Go – Big Win: All 30 Toys and How to Win Real Life Money For Free

Pinball Go – Big Win is a new hybrid between plinko and pinball for the iOS and Android platforms. You can drop balls down from the top of the screen just like in pachinko, but then they bounce around, hitting pigs with gold coins and dollar signs bouncing off of each other and all over the screen.

You can also spin the slots, use all kinds of boost to increase your earnings, and try to get off 30 of the special toys in exchange for a big reward.

Read on for tips on how to earn real life money for free in Pinball Go – Big Win!

The main method of gameplay is to aim the ball cannon and then shoot them all onto the board. You can do this one ball at a time, or you can use your entire stash of 20 balls to create a massive bouncing cloud all over the board.

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There are some special areas that you can send balls into, as well. There is a path on the left side of the board that requires you to bounce balls off of the large bumpers in order to get them in, but when you get balls in there, it’s very easy to rack up cash and coins because they will stay in their bouncing for quite a while.

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The other special area of the board is the slot area toward the center right portion of the screen, which looks simple enough to send the ball into, but can be rather difficult sometimes. Spin the slots for a chance to win a toy, cash, coins, or other bonuses.

Once you run out of balls, there are two options in order to get more. The first option is to watching advertisement video in exchange for 20 balls. The other option is to pay two dollars out of your dollar stash in order to get more balls. You can watch videos 30 times per day, but you can pay the two dollar price as often as you want.

You will notice that once you hit $30 worth, the dollar bumpers and pegs will stop showing up for the most part. When this happens, you have two options.

The first option is to spend two dollars in order to get more balls. Once this happens, hit some of the gold pegs and bumpers and the green pegs and bumpers will start showing up again too.

The other option is to wait for the boost to pop up in though right side of the screen. There are a number of different booths, such as slots and others, and one of them is the dollar boost. Top of this and watch the video, and ten of the gold pegs will change to green pegs.

The fastest way to get all 30 of the toys is to you keep using the option where you purchase more balls in exchange for two dollars. Then run out all your balls and bounce them around the screen as much as possible. Repeat over and over again. Your dollars will increase so quickly that your two dollar investment will continually pay for itself.

Right now, no option has been added to cash out in the game, or if it has been added, it will pop up at a certain dollar amount. The chances of winning in this game are slim, and likely, there will be rules about it that require you to agree to appear in a promotional video. But there are some winners, and the fastest way to get there is using the above strategy.

Occasionally, they came will announced that someone on the server has one and everybody else who plays will be getting one free dollar. Well it doesn’t happen very often, it does happen often enough to be good for a few bonuses.


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