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Just Bounce!! – All 30 Collection Items and How to Win Real-Life Money for Free

Just Bounce!! is a new reverse pinball-style iOS and Android that offers you the opportunity to win real-life money, and unlike many of the others on the app store, this one seems to actually pay out. You can send balls down onto the board, bounce them off of various colored shapes, and earn both cash and coins/tokens for your trouble.

Once you get past the payment threshold, you can also cash out and get real money, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards. You can complete an entire collection of 30 items in order to win the big prize.

Read on for a guide on how to win real money in Just Bounce!!

The main play mechanism is the aim the ball, send it out, and bounce it off of various shapes. The shapes are green, gold, and gray. Each one gives you something different when you diminish the number down to zero and get rid of the shape

When you get rid of a green shape, you get green tokens, which are equivalent to dollars in real life value. When you get rid of a gold shape, you earn gold tokens. Each of these two currencies is worth something as far as real life value goes, but the green ones are obviously far more valuable.

You have to make sure that those shapes don’t cross the line at the top. If they cross the line at the top, you lose your progress, although you keep the green and gold tokens that you earned. Knock out the shapes at the top first in order to keep the formation moving upward.

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You have two different power ups that you can get by watching advertisement videos. One of them doubles the amount of power that each ball has. The other one adds 10 balls to your stash. Be sure to use these as often as possible.

Spin the slots in order to get real rewards. You can earn either green tokens or gold tokens, and the gold tokens are far more than you will get from the stage itself, especially. If the slots don’t hit, then you will be able to watch an advertisement video to spend them again, and on the second spin, they hit every time.

When you get to 100 dollars worth of green tokens, you will be able to cash out. Sometimes the game slows down after you hit 90. If this happens, and you find it impossible to make it past 90 up to 100, then you can either keep going, or delete the game and then download it again and try again.

The reason for this is that an algorithm determines whether you have a chance to be a winner right when you download the game. So if you’re one of the unlucky for you that has no chance, then you can re-roll the algorithm by downloading the game again and playing right from the beginning.

Of course, when you see Amazon gift cards pop up, hit them with the ball to collect them. When you collect enough of them, he will be able to redeem them for an actual real life Amazon gift card.

One of the prizes that you can win from the slots is collection items. There are 30 individual collection items, and if you collect them all, you win a massive prize. Duplicate collection items are worth nothing, though; you have to earn all of the individual ones before you can exchange the prize.


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