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Bouncing Ball: Easy Tap To Win – All 25 Fruits and How To Win Real-Life Money for Free

Bouncing Ball: Easy Tap To Win is a new plinks-style game for the iOS and Android platforms that claims that you can win real-life money by playing. The cash out point is $100 dollars, so if you earn $100 dollars worth of green tokens, at minimum, you should be able to cash out and earn some real-life money.

Of course, there are ways to get there fast, and ways that will slow you down. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to earn real-life money for free in Bouncing Ball: Easy Tap To Win!

To start off with, you have a certain number of balls to begin with, and you can tap on the screen to send the balls down the board. If you hit green pins, you win a certain number of green tokens, which are worth a real life dollar value. If you have gold pens, you win gold tokens.

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If you land the balls inside the slots underneath the board, you can win various prizes. You can win fruit, which contribute to the big prize, or you can win more gold tokens, more green tokens, or more balls.

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More balls is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to send more balls down into the board, which gives you a chance to win more grow green tokens or more gold tokens. If you win gold or green tokens, you add to your total. You also have a chance at winning fruit when you send a ball into the slots.

The green tokens are valued in dollars and cents. The minimum threshold the cash out is $100, so if you make it to the $100 mark, you will be able to win real life money. The gold tokens are mostly good for buying things that are aesthetic in value.

The way to get the best price possible is to get all 25 of the individual fruits. Duplicate fruits do not count toward this total. You have to earn one of each of the 25 fruits in order to win the big prize.

You can also win $100 if you make it to the green token threshold, but very few players do. If you are one of the few players that has, then go ahead and cash out. If you can’t seem to make it to the total, then you have a few ways To go about it.

One way is to delete the game and then reinstall it, and then play from the beginning. The reason for this is that an algorithm at the beginning of the game decides if you are eligible for the $100 prize or not. If you download the game again, then you can reset the algorithm.

Otherwise, you can continue to grind for the $100 prize, and see if you can get there eventually. If you do get there, then you will be able to cash out.


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