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Dice Royale: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Dice Royale is a new virtual mobile board game For the iOS and Android platforms where you can win real-life money. You can win coins and tokens, both of which can be traded for Amazon gift cards.

Yes, this game is legit, but the developers make it very tough to actually get to the point where you can cash out, but with your own techniques, you can get there and make actual money. We’ll show you how.

Read on for a guide to making real-life money in Dice Royale!

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The first thing to know about the two currencies is that they can both be used to earn money and Amazon gift cards. Go to the redeem section of the menu and you will be able to cash both of them out, once you hit a specific threshold.

When you roll the dice on the board, you will earn coins every time, but some spins earn you more coins and some earn you less. Tokens are far more rare, though.

Tokens are most common early on in the game. Tokens are worth one dollar for each one complete token, so they are obviously the most valuable.

As you continue playing the game, you will start to earn less and less tokens, because there will be less token spots on the board. So you want to max out on the tokens early on in the game.

To do that, every time you land on tokens after spinning, take the offer to watch the ad video. Do this right from the beginning of the game, and if you haven’t been doing this already, delete the game and then reinstall it and start from scratch.

also, make sure that you are always playing the game with the strongest Internet connection possible. A week Internet connection can sometimes cause videos to stop loading, but with a strong connection, they will always load.

You frequently earn tokens when you land on a treasure chest. When this happens, always make sure to watch the ad video in order to spin for the multiplier.You will hit it fairly frequently, so it’s worth the watching of videos.

Other times that you can earn tokens include spinning for a jackpot after clearing the board, and when you land on the three card monte guessing game. If you guess right and earn tokens, spin for the multiplier. If you spin for tokens on the jackpot, spin for the multiplier.

Spin the lucky wheel as often as you can. When you spin it, you will have a good shot at getting your tokens. You can do up to three spins per day, so do them as often as possible.

When you finally earn enough coins or tokens to cash out, go to the redeem center and trade them for an Amazon gift card.

There are many ways to convert Amazon gift cards into real life cash, unless you simply want to spend the gift card. The best way is to use eBay; people actually pay more than the value of the gift cards in order to purchase them.

You can sell gift cards on Reddit or on reseller Apps and websites. You can also buy something with the gift card, then sell it for cash. There are tons of options for converting an Amazon gift card to real-life money once you win them in this game.


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Naveed ali

Friday 12th of February 2021

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Teannda Lockett

Tuesday 19th of May 2020

I won 10,000