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The Pirates Dice: How to Earn Real-Life Money for Free

The Pirates Dice is a new board game-style app for the iOS and Android platforms where you play a dice-fueled game, roll to move your pieces down the board, and try to win as much money as you can. You can cash out once you hit $200, and the earnings come quickly, but at a certain point, they appear to slow down a bit, and come slower than they did at the beginning.

Read on for a guide on winning real-life money and how to withdraw it in The Pirates Dice!

The method of play in this game is extremely simple. All that you do is roll the dice, and when you roll, you will move forward by as many turns as your role was for. Whether or not you want some thing, and what exactly it is that you want, will depend on pure luck.

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Sometimes, you will land on cash icons. These can be worth either cash, green coins, or gold coins. The actual cash itself, in this game, is functionally worthless, because it can’t really be spent on anything.

Gold coins can be cashed out for Amazon gift cards, but they require so much of them in order to hit the $50 minimum in cash out point that they are functionally worthless, because nobody will ever hit that cash out point without playing the game obsessively for months at a time.

Green coins are the ones that are worth the most. One green coin is worth one dollar, so 200 green coins are worth $200, which is the minimum cash out point. When you get there, you can then exchange them for PayPal or CashApp gift cards.

The fastest way to increase your earnings is to take every single available video offer. Video offers will come up for almost everything you do, allowing you to multiply your earnings every time that you win. You can also watch videos in order to earn a “daily“ reward, which is really a reward that you can earn every single time that you play.

Once you hit the minimum cash out point, tap the green coin logo and choose from one of your options. From there, you should be able to cash out.

Many users, however, have reported strange things happening once they hit 200 green coins. For example, all options except for the $1000 options might disappear. Some users have also reported that green coins have just flat out disappeared from their accounts, dropping them below minimum.

A faster way to earn lots of coins is to land on either the slot machine or the lucky wheel. If you spin and win, you will earn much greater rewards than you can just from picking up the normal prizes.

Very few people that play this game will ever make it to the minimum cash out point. The reason for this is that there is an algorithm that decides who wins and who doesn’t win even before gameplay begins. Your best chance at resetting the algorithm is to delete the game, and then reinstall it.


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Jose de jesus

Wednesday 25th of August 2021

I hit the 200 dollars and still waiting to get paid ,how long do I have to wait to get paid.