Pony Go: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

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Pony Go is a new board game app for the iOS and Android where you roll dice to move the pony along the board, and the pony picks up various prizes along the way. You can earn coins and gems, which can then be redeemed for cash and Amazon Gift Cards.

While it can be tough to make a lot of money in this game, or even to make it to the cash out point, it isn’t impossible. Read on for some tips on how to make real money in Pony Go!

The main play method of this game is simply to roll the dice and let the pony move. Depending on what you land on, you’ll either win coins, gems, or some other kind of bonuses, or both.

You have up to 25 dice that you can roll, and then once you finish, you have two ways to get dice back. You can either watch an ad video to restore three of them, or wait until they get restored with time.

The coin and gems slots are pretty straightforward. You can also land on keys, which give you gems (typically) as a reward. You can land on the lucky spinning wheel, which you can then spin for smaller or larger rewards.

Once you go all the way around the board, you’ll be able to spin the slot machine once, or twice if you watch an ad video for an extra one. ALWAYS watch the ad video, as the slots can get you a significant amount of gems if you land right.

When you go all the way around, the prizes on each specific part of the board will be shuffled. As your gem total increases, you will notice that less of them start to appear on the board. This, of course, makes it harder to get to the cash out point.

There are a couple of solutions to this. If you get to the point where it is slowing down to a near-stop, then delete the game and restart it from the beginning. Make sure NOT to connect your account to Game Center, Facebook, or Google Play.

According to the Terms of Service, whether a player will win or not is randomly selected at the beginning of play, allegedly. So if that’s the case, then reroll the selection by starting anew.

Another way to win is by earning enough coins to cash them out for a prize. You can spend coins on either Amazon Gift Cards or Paypal depending on what’s available at the time. There are a limited number of the coin prizes, unlike the gem prizes, of which there is an unlimited number.

If there aren’t any of the coin prizes left, just hold onto them and keep checking the Redeem area in case the prizes return. If they do return, then cash out before they run out again.

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