Wizard of Word (iOS/Android): How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Wizard of Word, also styled as Wizard Word within the game itself, is a new word game for the iOS and Android platform that separates itself from other word games by the fact that you can win real-life money by playing this game. You win $50 minimum, and then you can cash out via PayPal.

The app is legit, but just like other real-money winning games on the iOS and Android platforms, it can be difficult to get to the threshold, but it certainly is possible, especially with our tips and tricks.

Read on for a guide on how to win real-life money in Wizard of Word!

The premise of the game is level by level. You play one level at a time, matching words, and if you match them all, you win the level, and you win bonus coins as well. When you find extra words, you win more coins, too.

After every five levels, you’ll get a chance to watch a video ad in order to earn cash in the game. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection, so that you can load the ad video after every 5th or 10th level and win that bonus money.

You have to use one energy in order to play a level, and you run out of energy fairly quickly, but you gain it back quickly as well. Luckily, if you are out of energy, the game lets you watch an ad video for one free energy, so you can play as long as you want with enough videos.

Another way to earn real money in this game is to invite friends. Tap on the friends button, and it will tell you that you can invite someone else, and if they make it to level 30 or above, you will win money towards cashing out for it.

So if you have any friends who are into word games or money games, send them the link to this one. Alternatively, if you have multiple mobile devices or tablets and are on multiple accounts, you can use multiple accounts to play this game as well. Simply send the invite to your other account, accept it, then download and get to level 30 or beyond.

Be sure that you also check in every day for the login bonuses, too. On the seventh day of logging in, you have a chance to earn free cash. Every other day simply earns you coins which, while valuable, don’t go toward real money.

The offers on the offer wall typically don’t contain any offers for cash, just coins. It’s always worth it to check back, though; offers for actual cash could be added to the game.

Once you hit that $50 range, then you can cash out on PayPal for real-life money. Keep playing and using these tips and you can get there faster than you think.

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26 thoughts on “Wizard of Word (iOS/Android): How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

  1. Gela Cruz

    How do we see how much we are earning?

    1. Namping

      You see the money u making in the top right cr
      But note. You start earning just over 2 Usd a level. Slowly the amount goes lower. Each level has its own pay out. I’m on 32 US since level 28. I’m now on level 55 and the value is still the same despite me earning coins on all the other levels
      Wondering how legit this site is


    I have an aps wizard of word I hope thes is true to earn money 💰

  3. Arlene Purugganan

    What do I need to apply? What are the requirements?

  4. Ismael

    for days I haven’t been playing. I got to 46 € and it blocked me. it’s a big scam and a waste of time.

      1. John Darryl Azuela Nicoleta

        It’s a really Big Scam!!
        I Have $47.42 Nearly close to $50
        but it turned Black and can’t Play it Any More..
        It’s A Big Waste of Time’

  5. Marcus

    After $42, they just pay out $0.01 every 15 levels which is ridiculous. It is a scam and a waste of time

  6. Estrella

    I have around $45 now, what if i make it to $50 soon, how may i be paid using a paypal when my bank account is a peso saving account?

  7. sally

    I’m new to the game. Is the prize money legit? I dont have a paypal account.

  8. Rebecca

    It’s not working for android
    I’m earning diamonds instead of cash

    1. Lady Love

      It’s not working on my Iphone too.

  9. Lady Love Salditos

    I am receiving diamonds instead of money .

  10. Nick

    This game is a scam they don’t allow you to reach the 50 dollar cash out point!

  11. Wizard Word Scammmm

    This game is a scam. I am already at 46.82USD and I got no energy received at level 1337. No ads playing nor option to have energy at all! Wasted my 3 weeks playing on this!!

  12. Chantelle

    It is a stupid stupid scam I am so mad something should be done about these games to help out people they are exploiting it is so wrong. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  13. Robin Reisinger

    I reached level 584…wont let me go any further…black screen when I try to advance…only need $3 more to cash out…maybe that’s why…maybe it’s a scam,and you never really reach the $50 threshhold…because they block you from doing so…

    1. Alan

      Wizard of Word is a scam. Got to Level 584 and the screen is black. I’ve earned over $47 which they won’t pay out. Surely some action can be taken to prevent these scam artists from operating.

  14. Sharron Ashford

    Got to $48.91 and game stopped working. It’s not my phone because other games are working.

  15. Jacque D.

    It’s a BIG!!!!!SCAM!!!!I’m having 45.81$ & it stopped working.The game is on black screen now & can’t open it or continue to play to get move money until 50$ to cash out.I hope this game application will be banned to stop people playing this stupid game.At first it was enjoyable to sharpen your brain but unfortunately a big waste of time for sc game application.Not good at all.

  16. Joe

    Same here 47.51 and black screen it is a fraud wish they would fine the company

  17. Jennifer Sides

    Yep…level 584, $46.64 and will not let me play anymore. Very disappointed!!


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