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Words To Win: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Words To Win is a new word search game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines the fun of word finding, which is a common feature in many apps, with sweepstakes, scratchers, earning real money, and other goodies. You can play through a number of levels and then earn real life money.

Like many other games on the App Store that claim to offer you the opportunity to earn real money, there are many questions about whether this game is a scam or legit. Can you actually cash out and earn your winnings? Read on to find out.

Words To Win has one main method of play, which is to use the letters that have been given to complete all of the applicable words during the current level. Once you make all of the possible word combinations, you will beat the level.

After every level that you beat, you are forced to watch a full advertisement video, after which you will earn a scratch off card. If you make three identical icons on this card, you will win the prize given, whether it is cash or something else.

After every four levels that you beat, you will earn a free scratch off card that does not require you to watch a video first. After you scratch the car off, if you want to double your winnings, you can watch an advertisement video for the privilege. If you don’t win at all, then you will be able to watch a video in order to re-roll the card.

Also after every four levels, you will get the opportunity to spin the lucky wheel. This wheel comes with its own set of prizes and a 100% guaranteed win rate. Some of the prizes consist of cash, while some consist of free scratch off cards. Still others consist of non-cash prizes.

Compared to a lot of other games of this time, the earnings tend to rack up slowly. The cash out point is 7 dollars. This actually tends to work in favor of the legitimacy of the game; games that actually pay will tend to earn slower.

Go to the reviews of the game in the App Store to see what other players say. That’s far, the reviews have been fairly positive. There are multiple players reporting in reviews that they have been able to meet the seven dollar minimum and cash out.

Some players, though, report getting stuck at $6.55, and then the cash meter not earning anything else after that. In this case, the only way to get to the winnings is to delete the game and then start over again.

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Is this game legitimate, according to the reviews and to experiences of other players? Yes, but it seems to be randomized as to whether you will win or not win. This seems to be decided by an algorithm within the game.

If you are on the right side of the algorithm, you have a chance at being a winner. If you are on the wrong side of it, you will get stuck at $6.55 or something similar total. The only way to re-roll the algorithm is to delete the game and then download it again, and play through it all over again.


Wednesday 28th of December 2022

I have been playing since the Spring and only won $6.60. It is a good game but I should have won alot more. Very disappointing to say the least!


Thursday 20th of October 2022

App is a scam, like numerus others I got stuck to £6.55 (you need £7 to cash out) for over 330 levels. Today's update made even the £6.55 disappeare. But google allows this because it is a clck bait. Avoid, you'll waste your time.