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Word Roamer: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Word Roamer is a new word search game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines the fun of word finding, which is a common feature in many apps, with sweepstakes, slots, earning real money, and other goodies. You can play through a number of levels and then earn real life money.

Like many other games on the App Store that claim to offer you the opportunity to earn real money, there are many questions about whether this game is a scam or legit. Can you actually cash out and earn your winnings?

Read on to find out if Word Roamer is a scam or legit!

Word Roamer has one main method of play, which is to use the letters that have been given to complete all of the applicable words during the current level. Once you make all of the possible word combinations, you will beat the level.

After every level that you beat, you earn a little bit of money that is added to your total. The money is added to your total after you find every word on the level, then you move onto the next level where you try to find every word again.

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One of the selling points of this game, as you can tell by the title, is that you have beautiful scenery to look at as you play. After every 10 levels or so, the background picture will change, so that you will have new scenery. The older scenery doesn’t stick around forever.

There are also little bubbles floating around with video offers in them. If you tap one of the bubbles, an advertisement video will play that is between 30 seconds and one minute long, and then after the advertisement video is over, the prize money will be added to your total. You have to watch the entire video in order to get the money added to your total, and not close it out early.

These are entirely optional, though; there is no requirement to click on the bubbles. If you want to ignore them, simply wait for them to move out of your way and play around them. They will disappear after a while.

After every few levels that you beat, when you fill the bar at the top of the screen all the way, you will be able to take a free spin at the slots. These tend to present the opportunity for larger prizes, and you will also be able to watch an advertisement video for a second consecutive spin at the slots if you don’t like your first spin.

Also after every few levels, you will get the opportunity to play the gacha game in order to try to win prizes. You get three turns at the gumball machine game for every five words that you match.

This game comes with its own set of prizes and a 100% guaranteed win rate. Some of the prizes consist of cash, while other prizes consist of puzzle pieces that go toward various products that the game offers, such as a PS5 or a fancy watch or an Oculus.

There are a number of other menus included within this game. For example, you can go to the tasks area to earn prizes for completing tasks, such as finding a specific number of words. Each price will either be worth $1.50 if you don’t choose to watch an advertisement video to boost the earnings, or three dollars if you do choose to watch an advertisement video to boost the earnings.

Compared to a lot of other games of this type, the earnings tend to rack up quickly. The cash out point is 300 dollars. This actually tends to work against the legitimacy of the game; games that actually pay will tend to earn slower.

Go to the reviews of the game in the App Store to see what other players say. That’s far, the reviews have been fairly negative. There are multiple players reporting in reviews that they have been able to meet the 300 dollar minimum and cash out but not receive the payment.

To prove this even more, go to the review page in the App Store for the device that you own. Navigate to the Apple App Store using your browser if you have an Android phone, or if you have an iOS device, you can navigate to the Google play Store download page and read the reviews for this game.

Is this game legitimate, according to the reviews and to experiences of other players? No, because every review posted by someone who has made it to the cash out point also says that they have to do excessive tasks after and still don’t get the money.

Additionally, nobody seems to have won any of the sweepstakes prizes from the gumball machine either. With all of these in mind, we are going to have to rule that this is not a legitimate jam, unless you simply just want to play the word game and not worry about the prizes. As just another word game, this game is fine; as something you might be counting on to win money, not so much.

Betty speller

Friday 10th of November 2023

How do I get a lawyer for word Roamer the ad was a lie. I have been playing for 3 month and never got to cash out all that money on cash app. I am so stress and exhausted and depressed and my anxiety and headaches gotten worse. I am suing the company for all that money they owe me.


Thursday 9th of November 2023

You cannot even find this game in the Apple Store anymore. Also the bubble gum machine stopped working once I came close to winning a prize. And you cannot contact customer support anymore

Betty speller

Friday 10th of November 2023

@Stacey, yes you are right I can’t find them in the App Store either been looking for weeks. They are fake and a fraud we all need to sue them for false ads.