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Pulsz: Fun Slots & Casino – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Pulsz: Fun Slots & Casino is a new hybrid casino game for the iOS and Android platforms with two different functions. On the mobile app, the only version of the game is free play, but occasionally you will get a pop up offering to let you play in the sweepstakes. This will take you to another version of the game that’s on their website, where are you can play for real money.

You can play using sweepstakes coins, which, according to the developers, are worth one US dollar apiece in the game. The real question that pops up a lot is, is this a game a scam or legit? Read on to find out the truth about Pulsz: Fun Slots & Casino!

When you login, the game will ask for your location. This is because in certain US states, as well as certain countries, it is still illegal to gamble online. If you are in one of the illegal states, then the game will restrict you to free games only, which are played with an in-game currency called gold coins.

If you are in one of the legal locations, then you will be taken to the website, where you can play with sweepstakes coins. There are many ways that you can earn sweepstakes coins including playing and betting coins, reading all of the emails sent by the developer, and claiming your daily welcome gift.

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There are two ways that are given to cash out. If you want to exchange your sweepstakes coins for pure money, then you have to wait until you hit a minimum of $100. If you want to exchange your sweepstakes coins for gift cards, then the minimum will only be $10.

Some players find it very difficult just to get to the minimum, while other players brag about winning $300 or more in just one day. While this may seem like a huge discrepancy, this is fairly common in slots, whether it’s a real life slots or mobile game slots.

You can tell by the reviews whether a game is a scam or legitimate if it’s claiming to pay real life money. The scam ones will say that the game will never pay out. And legit games, some players may complain that the money accumulates too slowly or that they can’t beat anyone, but typically that’s actually a really good sign. other reviews will note how easy it is to cash out.

Here is where it gets tricky with this game, though. Read the reviews, and one of the most common things that other players say is that their account gets deleted as soon as they make it to the point of being able to cash out, or as soon as they try to cash out. If your account gets deleted it, then you lose all of your money and you can’t make another account, no matter what.

There are also many players that post that they have not only been able to hit the point of cashing out, but that they have successfully cashed out, and had the money sent to them within a few days. There are quite a few different players who say this, which tells me that unless they are all paid or bots, that somebody is winning money in this game.

Currently, by the eye test, the first type of review outnumbers the second type of review by around 6 to 1. This means that far more players are getting their accounts deleted before they can cash out. Even so, apparently, many players are still able to cash out, though.

So is this game a scam or legitimate? We really don’t have enough information to call this game either a scam or legitimate definitively, but in our opinion, all of the reviews saying that their accounts got deleted are offputting enough for us to recommend thinking twice before you sign up and put any money in.