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Power Slap: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Power Slap is a new mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms based off the real life “fighting“ league where two people take turns delivering powerful slaps to each other’s faces. you can train your character, collect new and better equipment, build up your body to become stronger, and Amy or slaps perfectly in order to become the top slapper in the world. You can earn gems, tokens, cash, and quite a bit more as you go.

Read it on for a collection of tips and tricks for Power Slap!

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The most basic thing that you can do to improve in this game is to improve the accuracy of your slaps; not improving the stat, but actually improving the accuracy with which you can land in the green. If you are in training, you will earn far more money by landing perfect green slaps. If you are in a competition, you will do far more damage with a perfect slap.

When it comes to you both slapping the bag and slapping your competitor, power is arguably the best stat that you can upgrade, but accuracy and speed are both hugely important. Accuracy will increase the size of the green area, allowing you to slat more accurately, and speed will increase the movement speed of the cursor, which can make it either easier or more difficult depending on your preferences. But you have to upgrade speed in order to move onto the next fighter.

Once you destroy a slapping bag, you will receive a video advertisement offer that can earn you cash, tokens, experience, and more if you take the offer. If you have the Internet connection to do so, take the offer every single time. These bonuses Speed up the game significantly and increase the quality of the stuff that you get.

When it comes to equipment, try to fill up every one of your equipment slots as fast as you can. A fast way to do so is to go to the store and look for the daily deals, and purchase equipment that fits into a slot that is either empty, or has equipment of a lower rarity. You can use tokens and equipment cards to upgrade any piece of equipment and increase its statistics, or simply save your tokens for rarer equipment.

When the online fight with real players unlocks, real players are probably going to have the hardest time with accuracy, so make both the upgradable statistic and your own personal accuracy your first priority. Being an accurate slapper is a sure fire way to win in a fight, far more so than anything else that you can do in this game.

Go to the career mode in order to engage in slap battles against your next opponent whenever you want to. You can battle whenever you feel like you’re ready, or you can train as much as you want in order to make sure that you were as ready as you can possibly get.