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StormBorn: War of Legends – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

StormBorn: War of Legends is a new MMO strategy RPG for the iOS and Android. Your goal is to build up your medieval kingdom into a powerful fortress, train troops and hire heroes, and go out and raid other players, destroying their gates and stealing their loot. You can collect a multitude of heroes, equip them, and train them until they end up becoming an extremely strong unstoppable force. Read on for some tips and tricks for StormBorn: War of Legends!

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The city-building mode gives you a lot of space to work with, so you typically won’t need to clear out any trees. However, if you do run out of room for buildings, not only can you clear out trees (which costs archon but gives you gold), you can also group your buildings closer together in order to make more room for new ones. Be sure to have upgrades going at all times as well, in order to keep your heroes and your resource game strong.

Build and upgrade all of the training houses, then go into battle and earn some more archon. Use that archon to train your heroes to become stronger. The higher their level, the better the equipment that you can give them, and the more you can upgrade them. When a hero has six full equipment slots, you can promote them which will dissolve their equipment, power up all of their stats, and enable them to a equip a whole new set of stuff, so that you can promote them all over again.

When you are searching for a new battle, find someone who has the lowest power rating possible compared to yours. Too high of a power rating means that you will get defeated easily. Power rating is affected by wins and losses, so if you lose, your rating drops, and if you win, your rating improves. However, your rating also affects who you get matched against, so the higher it is, the stronger your opponents.

It’s annoying only having one builder at a time, so when you build up 750 gems, spend them on a second builder and you will be able to have two projects going at the same time. You can get free gems by opening the menu on the right side of the base map screen and watching free videos, five gems at a time. It takes forever this way, but free is free.

Once you are done with that, then go to the shop and start spending your gems on rare chests. The two varieties cost 250 or 500 gems, but you’ll have a shot at rare items and heroes this way. You’ll get the Premium Chest (the 250 gem one) for free every 24 hours or so, so make sure that you have your notifications set so that you can collect it as soon as possible.