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Pocket MapleStory – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Pocket MapleStory is a brand new mobile game in the side-scrolling MMORPG series by Nexon that has made its name for over a decade on the PC. You can do all the things that you loved from there in this game, completing quests, battling countless enemies, finding new and rare equipment, and teaming up with other players, or doing it alone. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket MapleStory!

Auto-battling is a big function that allows you to earn a lot of exp. There are a ton of good places and bad places to auto – it all depends on what level you are at at the present moment. Some areas are too rough but after some more levels are gained, they’ll be easier. To know if you can idle successfully, your best bet is to auto for a few minutes and watch the screen. If your health stays high then leave your phone alone for awhile and let it idle for as long as you want – if not, find a different area and try the same thing again.

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There’s a lot of exploring in this game, and wandering around, and you can find rewards along the path when you manually walk around and explore, but if you just want to get to the quest area and finish what you need to do, your best bet is to teleport. Hit your character profile picture, tab over to ‘quests’, then go to the quest of choice and hit “Move Now” to automatically teleport to where you need to go.

Combining items is the main way to get rare and unique items, but the combinations can be rather random. Oftentimes, you can combine a rare and a normal to get a unique; other times you’ll just get another rare. Combine two normals to get a better normal or a chance at a rare. To get a legendary, combine a unique with something else (especially with another unique).

Whenever you level up you will earn stat points and skill points that can be distributed to your character however you see fit. If you know what worked for you in earlier MapleStory titles, you can do the same thing again and know how well it will work because you’ll get the same results here too. You can distribute stats automatically if you so choose as well. Skills, though, require more thought and depend on your choice of job. Choose a job and it will affect your available skills. It takes trial and error to find a style of skillbuild that will work best; using candy can allow you to redo your job classification.

Check your mailbox any time that you see the word “New” next to it. That means that you have rewards to claim. In addition, check your inventory after a nice long round of idle grinding in auto mode. You’ll pick up stuff as you battle, which you can then either equip, hold on to (until you can equip it), or sell, or use as fodder for fusing equipment.