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Pocket Knights 2 – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Pocket Knights 2 is the 3D sequel to the 2D RPG that hit it big five years ago for the iOS and Android platforms. This game features real-time battling, raids, quests and adventures like in an MMO, and you can use a whole wealth of upgrades to build impossibly powerful teams. You can earn coins, gems, participate in events and join guilds where you can do raids. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Knights 2!

The main quests are easy enough to follow; all that you have to do is tap on the quest action in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You can tap on the quest action and you’ll either move to complete the quest automatically, or if the quest is completed, you’ll simply earn the reward, and then the next quest will pop up on the screen. Later in the game, side quests will pop up in the same fashion.

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Often you’ll hit a point where the battle quests won’t be passable because the boss will be too hard, so you’re going to need to upgrade your equipment. Go to the teams screen to upgrade your equipment, your skills, your star rank, and your stat rank. Upgrade anything that you see a red dot next to, until the red dot goes away, because the red dot means that you have available upgrades.

If you can’t find an upgrade at first, it’s not going to be readily apparent until you tap on the picture of your character. Also, when you have multiples of the same item, you can merge them into a piece of equipment of a higher rarity. Equipment can be upgraded to twice the level of your character. Skills can be upgraded to equal the level of your character.

Additionally, tap on anything on the main screen that shows a red dot. The exception is when you see a red dot next to the recharge button as that’s just advertisements, but if you see it next to anything from events to your bag, that means you have something to do or earn, and you have big prizes in store. As far as your bag goes, it means that you have a treasure chest that you can open and earn a load of new items.

You can try out some of the VIP benefits early without actually doing anything, so make sure to take advantage when you get the chance. VIP will allow you to do things such as buy more advanced upgrades, use alchemy, and auto-farm the world tree area for loads of coins.