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MapleStory M: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

MapleStory M is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms, the second mobile MapleStory game (after Pocket MapleStory and before MapleStory Blitz), and beings a mix of classic gameplay and newer MMO elements to the series. You have the constant quests and storylines, loads of currency to collect, experience levels to gain, and Meso, gems, gold leafs, and other forms of currency to get. Read on for some tips and tricks for MapleStory M!

There are two different forms of autoplay in this game. The standard autoplay features completes quest automatically, which makes it super easy to level up without paying much attention. The second autoplay feature is auto-battling. Auto-battle tokens allow you to auto-battle for a limited amount of time. Auto-battle still keeps going even when the game is off or minimized, while auto-questing doesn’t.

You can grind for levels fairly quickly at the beginning; auto-quest until you get to level 95 or so. After that, you’re going to need to start hitting the dungeons. Avoid the mini dungeons, because you can only farm alone here. If you join up with a party in one of the other dungeons, you’ll gain experience any time that someone in your party kills something, making partying a far better way to get experience.

Instead, other dungeons are better. The daily and elite dungeons can be accessed 3x per day. Daily dungeons can earn you gems, and elite dungeons can earn epic powder. The Mu Long Dojo can be played 3X daily and allows you to compete for special equipment, as well as get Mu Long points and buy experience boosts. Nett’s Pyramid is stacked with rare and epic exclusive equipment, and you can earn golden leafs here. The Star Force Field is like mini-dungeons but with full party abilities, and can be played as often as you want to. The best places to farm here are Star Force 30 and 45.

There are tons of things that you can earn from the dungeons and quests, aside from equipment. Meso, of course, is the common money to the MapleStory franchise. Gold Leafs let you buy epic powder and occult cubes (which let you upgrade weapon rarity). Powder levels your weapons up so that you can upgrade the rank. Armor and weapon stones level your weapon, plus are transferrable. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and allow for cosmetic customizations, among other goodies.

The rarity tiers for all of your equipment are normal (white), rare (blue), epic (purple), unique (orange), legendary (green), and mythic (red). The rarest are the strongest, but they are also the toughest to find. Occult cubes can boost the rarity of a piece of equipment, but they don’t always work, and the more rare you are, the lower your chance of getting a higher rank from occult cubes.

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