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MapleStory Live for iPhone: How to get more Candies and Mesos

Fans of the nearly 10 year old MapleStory franchise of MMORPGs will find that this new iPhone platform RPG share many similarities with their old favorites, It’s like a slightly stripped down version of the previous games, minus the MMO fare, but with some social elements added in to make up for it. Your old favorites, though, such as the blue snails and the orange mushrooms, are back in full force. Candies are the premium currency in this game, and by using candies you can buy expansions to the game. Mesos are the game’s main currency, and can buy anything that candies can’t. Read on for tips on how to get more of both!

Candies are a tough thing to come across in MapleStory Live. When the game was first, released, there was a promotion put on by Nexon, the makers of MapleStory, giving away 3,000 free candies for a review on MapleStory. That promotion is over now, but they have hinted that more promotions are in the future or near future, so always keep checking back to see what becomes available as far as possible free candy promotions. Of course, you can also buy candies – the going rate is 1,100 candies for 1 real life dollar.

There are a few ways to get more Mesos in the game. Of course, the main way to get more mesos is to kill more monsters, but there are ways to maximize your efficiency, as well. For example, for about the first 20 experience levels or so, killing blue snails in the beginning areas of the construction site continues to be a strong Meso earner, since you can kill them so quickly. This goes for red snails too, as well as any other enemies whom you can kill with one hit at any point before level 20.

Go to the consumables shop and click on the “sell” option for the items, and you will have the option to peddle off every single one of the drops that you receive from monsters, for Mesos. You have a lot of them, especially if you have done any sort of level grinding or questing (which is inevitable in this game) and you can make literally thousands of Mesos just by selling them.