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World War Z- The movie

Max Brook’s novel World war Z is a post-apocalyptic horror novel. It shows us how different countries will react when the very world and what we know is turned upside down. People don’t eat others, and people stay dead. Not so with zombies. World War Z is the sequel to “The Zombie Survival Guide,” and builds on the zombie outbreak stories at the end of that novel. Fort Louis Philippe from the “The Zombie Survival Guide” is mentioned, and the “Best terrains” part of the novel seems to be used to describe varying countries. Max Brooks’ novel World War Z also mentions “the civilian handbook” on zombie survival protocol, a reference to the “The Zombie Survival Guide.”

In 2007, Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment won the screen rights, and began writing the screenplay. It was the beginning of a nightmare for them- several costly production delays have cost the movie to go over the $170 million budget and pushed the film release to June 2013, as opposed to the planned December release. Even the zombies had trouble. Sources say the director, Marc Forster, had not decided on the zombie’s appearance and actions. Leaked footage shows zombies behaving much differently than in the book, a confusing adaption of the novel that may upset fans.

You can watch here:

An interesting incident happened in Budapest, where 85 fully functioning hand guns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles where flown in at night, without clearance. A raid by the Hungarian Anti-terrorist unit seized the illegal stage ‘props,’ but no charges were pressed as it was unclear who was to blame.

Even after all this trouble, the film has made it to post-production with just a few scenes to re-film. Marco Beltrami has signed on to score World War Z, and sequels are planned. However, Brad Pitt says that while this film while be enjoyed by his boys at least, he has no plans for more films. This difficult movie may follow the footsteps of John Carter, hitting Paramount Pictures with another flop as a result of the rising cost to make an attractive zombie flick. Look for it June 2013.