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MapleStory Live iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

MapleStory Live is the new, iPhone, single player addition to the storied MapleStory franchise of MMORPGs. Like its predecessors, this one is a hack and slash with platform action, jumping, mini games and lots of sword fighting. Your quest is to go from a trainee to being a member of the Black Wings, who are the protectors of MapleWorld…. allegedly! Anyways, read on for some tips and tricks to MapleStory Live!

To easily get a ton of extra Mesos, take all of the items that you have picked up from enemies who have dropped them, go to the Consumables Store, and then sell them all to the clerk. These can skyrocket your Meso count – you might even have over 100 Blue Shells if you’ve fought enough blue snails, and each of those shells is worth 15 Mesos, just to use one example. Each enemy’s item after that is worth more, so sell ’em all! (unless you need them for quests, of course) Use these extra coins to buy TONS of red and blue potions, since you are at the shop anyways.

Whenever you buy new equipment, if you go to the equip screen and go to the “Equipped” tab, where you can equip items by body part, oftentimes it won’t show up under that tab. Instead, the best and simplest solution is to simply go to the “Inventory” tab under your equipment icon and equip anything that has the small crown-like icon over it. This icon is reserved for items which increase your stats.

When you talk to someone who has given you a mission, but you have already completed the requirements for the mission that they have just given you, talk to them again immediately after you finish receiving the mission, and the mission will be shown as fullfilled. When this happens, you will earn all of the applicable rewards for the mission.

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