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The Ville for Facebook: How to get free Ville Cash

The Ville is the newest game in the “Ville” series of uber successful Facebook games by none other than Zynga! The Ville is Zynga’s answer to The Sims Social, with its own twists on the style of gaming. You live as one of the citizens of The Ville, in your own Ville house, and you build, decorate it, do jobs to earn money, and complete various missions. In addition, you can invite friends over or go over to their place, whether it’s just one friend who is coming over, or an entire party worth of friends. Ville Cash is the premium currency of the game. Normally, you have to buy more, but why buy more when you can get the Ville Cash for free instead?

Early on in the game, when Alexis the CEO gives you a mission to decorate your home office, it will consist of two things: giving you 5 Ville Cash, and then having you buy something in the store with that Ville Cash. However, if you buy something with regular coins instead of Ville Cash, the mission will count as completed anyways, therefore you get to keep the Ville Cash when you do this.

Another way to get more Ville Cash for free is to complete various offers that are given for it. To find where you can get the free offers, go to the area above the game screen, and click on “Earn Cash”. Once you are in this menu, go to the tab on the right side, “Categories”, and click on “free” and you will see all of the offers that are, in actuality, free. Pick and choose which ones you want to take, and take those which you choose.

If you own an iPhone or an Android, you can also check out the “Apps” tab, and download the free apps which are listed there, which will earn free Ville Cash as well. Here, also, pick and choose which ones you want to download, and enjoy the free Ville Cash from them.

And finally, keep checking back to those two areas, because more new offers, apps and whatnot are added all the time.

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