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SimCity Social Facebook Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

In a sort of follow up fashion the The Sims Social, EA has just released SimCity Social, the long awaited Facebook entry in the greatest city building series of all time. The SimCity series is the one that started it all, and SimCity Social doesn’t disappoint. The game’s extra cartoony, warm and friendly visuals are instantly recognizable to fans of games like CityVille and The Sims Social, but as far as the depth of gameplay, this game is much closer to the SimCity series than it is to games like CityVille. If you are having some difficulty with the game, never fear. Read on for some tips and tricks for SimCity Social!

To avoid having to build too many roads, there are a few things you can do. First thing is, remember, you can minimize your roads by bulldozing the ones you don’t need – just as long as a road that is touching a building has a cross-street. You could theoretically build one road up the edge of your map, then build a bunch of horizontal roads about seven squares apart, stretching all the way across the map, loading up the roads with residential and commercial buildings. In between the residential and commercial buildings is where you should place your attractions if you use this tactic.

Also, load up the area near your railroad track with buildings, and put roads on top of the railroads. They will cross the railroad track, and the track will count as an intersection, thereby enabling you to have working buildings all up and down the track if you so choose.

As much as possible, load up all of your waterfronts with businesses, factories, and residential zones, in order to get HUGE bonuses (up to 180 percent per building) due to the waterfront bonus. Once you have your Arcology, your Gaia’s Garden or your Fortress of Woe, change the game around a bit and cluster everything around those as much as possible. Use the inland areas of your city to store quest items and other things that you don’t need except for completing quests themselves. All of those bonuses can help you to maximize materials, Simoleons and population.