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Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM for Facebook: Guide, Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM is the long awaited Facebook iteration of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise of card games and animes, which has been around for a VERY long time now – since the early 90s if I am not mistaken. Konami has finally brought the series to social gaming, and fans are battling each other by the millions. While the game can get tough at times, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help you get where you need to go, at a much quicker pace. Read on for some tips and tricks for Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM!

When you are building a deck, don’t overdo it with the spell cards. Make sure that the majority of the cards in your deck are still monster cards. Think of the monster cards as the meal, and the spell cards as the seasoning.

If you have friends who play the game, play card battles with them as often as possible, and send them gifts as often as possible. The social emphasis in this game means that if you do more interactive play with your friends, you will advance faster. If you want to find friends who play this game, type “Add Me” in the comment box below, or add people who already have.

Pay attention to which cards work best with each other. For example, you should never be using empathy cards, which are more powerful based on how many life points you have, with cards that take away your life points such as sorrow and backfire, but they work great when you put healing cards into your hand.

Unless you are on a mission to level up as quickly as possible, save your objectives until you are running low on energy. When you have JUST enough energy to finish off an objective, then finish it off and get all of that energy back when you gain a level.