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Guide to Megapolis for iOS, Android and Facebook, part 2: More tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Megapolis tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

When you start the game, you are automatically connected to SQ’s guest network, but when you are playing, you can’t add any new neighbors unless you are playing the game on Facebook and others are too (this only applies if you are playing the game on mobile platforms, not on Facebook itself). If you want to add more neighbors to the game, go to the options menu and switch your network to Facebook.

You can play the same game on one platform vs the other no matter what you start off playing it on. If you are already playing on Facebook, simply download the Megapolis app for iPhone or Android (or both) and connect to your current Facebook account, and the app will automatically sync up with your Facebook game. If you already have the app and you sync up with your Facebook, but you don’t play the game on Facebook yet, then when you try to play the game on Facebook, it will be the same account as the app.

A good way to find people to add as neighbors is to go to the App Store page for this game (or the Google Play store page for the game) and read all of the reviews, hunting for people who are looking to add neighbors, posting their Facebook URLs in order to get you to add them. Add them for the game, then go into the Megapolis app/game and add them as a neighbor. Add as many neighbors as possible so that you two can send gifts back and forth as often as possible.

If you want to see how some of the top players in the game make up their cities, go into the mobile version of this game and hit the button in the upper right corner that says “top” on it and check out any of the top players’ profiles. You’ll be able to see what premium buildings they tend to have (such as the Emirates Hotel or the Taipei 101) and see if you can co-opt some of their strategies for yourself.

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After you sync the mobile version of the game up to Facebook, it will be impossible to do the time cheat mentioned in the first article. So think long and hard before you do this, and try to get done what you need to use the cheat to do before you sync up the game.