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The Ville by Zynga for Facebook: Get free expansion permits, free energy, and other free items

Fans of the Sims Social and other Sims games should enjoy Zynga’s new game The Ville, which is sort of their own take on the whole concept. While it does look very similar to The Sims Social, it is actually a fairly different game. You don’t have to take care of your character’s bodily needs obsessively like in The Sims Social – instead, happiness is mainly derived from the social aspect, but you do get to build your own house, add rooms, add furniture, and all of that other fun stuff. Expansion permits allow you to expand your property in order to expand your house, or just to build more stuff on your property in general. Read on to find out how to get free Expansion Permits, as well as how to get other free items – to include Energy, Tesseract Mirror Clusters and Sunshine Bouquets.

Expansion Permits are a necessary part of the game once you go further into it, expanding your house and your household (and outdoor) goods to the point where they stop being able to fit inside your house, or start looking ridiculous because they are so clustered together. You can get your friends to send you free expansion permits, or paste the following URL into your browser to get one:

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To get free energy, you can go to your friends’ houses and do five actions in their houses, once per day. Get more friends to get free energy, and once the Ville Friends are enabled in The Ville, you will be able to add more friends without even having them as friends on Facebook itself. Also, to get free 5x energy, you can paste the following URL into your browser:

Pasting the following URL into your browser will earn you a free Tesseract Mirror Cluster for your home:

Pasting the following URL into your browser will earn you a free Sunshine Bouquet:$$yG,hF(59bktQ)R24GNs7!T*m*YDJcQRPIxLoV)__6dsNabIpB3,8v6PJAC8-gIUzwbXVIOaM1.ny53fMAg2x(

Yes, paste that whole mess of letters and numbers into your browser. It’s long but it’s correct.