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Pocket Knights: How to earn experience points fast and gain levels rapidly

In Pocket Knights, there is an almost limitless amount of benefits to gaining experience levels. While experience levels don’t do too much for the strength of your party, there are almost always more areas to unlock, such as the market at level 45 and the hidden training area at level 65. In addition, the more levels that you gain, the more heroes that you can put in your party at the same time. Read on to find out how to gain experience and gain levels quickly!

Most of your time in the game will be spent either in the tower quests or in the world map, fighting against computer controlled opponents, unless you like to spend a lot of time in the arena. All three of these locations can earn you lots of experience points, but eventually, you will run out of both action point and energy. At this point, start questing through the event dungeons.

Event Dungeons use courage rather than energy. As you go through the tower quests, you will refill your courage, while spending energy, so while you wait for your energy to recover, spend your courage in the event dungeons. Fighting against event bosses will also earn a large amounts of experience points.

Quests are the single best way to earn experience points in the entire game. If you have been ignoring the quests, you’re missing out on the majority of experience points that you can potentially earn. Go to the quests menu and start going through the main quests first, and go through the challenge, gold, experience, and sub quests for even more additional experience points.

Bounty quests can earn you experience points just as quickly as the normal quests. When you are in the quest menu, tab over to bounty and accept all three of the quests. You can complete up to 12 quests per day, and after you complete three quests, you can simply hit the refresh button to bring up an entirely new set of quests. If you want to refresh even more quickly, you can spend 10 diamonds in order to do so.

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If that still isn’t quick enough for you, purchase VIP for status so that you can auto play every world map battle that you have already beaten. You can autoplay as many battles as your action points will allow you to get. This is an excellent way to earn experience points quickly, especially when combined with an Advanced experience scroll, which can be bought in the store. This boosts your experience points from the tower and dungeons by 50% for one week.