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Fantasy War Tactics – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Fantasy War Tactics is a new strategy RPG by Nexon for the iOS and Android platforms. This game features a huge range of unlockable characters and a battle system that will be familiar to fans of Final Fantasy Tactics or Shining Force, complete with terrain advantages and special moves. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fantasy War Tactics!

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Auto-battle will be all that you need for most instances; however, in really tough battles, you’ll want to take control of the game yourself. Auto-battling characters are generally a little more aggressive, but in an extra tough boss battle, it’s best to move slowly and keep all of your characters together so that you can surround enemies, herd them together, and unleash big attacks against multiple enemy characters at once.

The main way to gain experience is simply through battling, and a quick way to do this is to go to the last boss battle that you played and grind it for experience and coins. You’ll capture monsters in battle too, and they can be used to boost the experience points of new party members whose levels are behind that of your veteran party members via the EXP Synthesis menu.

Enhancing your equipment is a must and you only need gold coins to do it. Enhancements are limited by your player level. If you need to get more gold coins, disassemble some of your old equipment that you don’t need anymore and you will get gold coins in return.

The game starts off at a certain graphical level depending on the age of your phone. You can change both the quality of the textures and the frame rate by going to the options menu. The higher quality graphics and higher frame rates are more battery-intensive and might cause lag if you are using an older phone; however, on an iPhone 6 or one of the newer high-end Android phones, or on almost any iPad, there will be no lag.

Gene fragments can be analyzed in the lab, and then they can be used for one of two things. If you already have a character, their skills can be enhanced by using their gene fragments. If you don’t have that character yet, collect all of the necessary gene fragments in order to unlock them.