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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is Square’s latest entry into the Final Fantasy side stories for the iOS and Android platform. This one combines the town and dungeon exploration of the console Final Fantasy franchise with battling that’s more typical of mobile RPGs, and a massive host of characters from the entire history of the Final Fantasy franchise, both the main games and the side games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!

In battle, you can do auto-battle right from the start, but the auto-battle completely ignores your limit breaks, magic, and item usage. When you are fighting a tougher enemy and you need to change up your strategy, turn auto-battle off completely and take control of your characters so that you can use limit breaks, magic and items to your advantage.

Just like in old-school RPGs, hit up the weapon and armor shops immediately as soon as you reach a new town. Once your equipment shopping is done, then you can go to the equipment menus for each individual character. Hit “optimize” in order to automatically equip the best equipment for your character.

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Also when you come to a new town area, talk to all of the villagers and you’ll receive plenty of side quests. These side quests will earn you special prizes, such as equipment that you cannot buy in a store, or a crafting recipe for a new spell or a rare piece of equipment, or even to synthesize a new character.

Whenever you’re putting your team together, always sort your team members by rarity as these are the ones with the most potential. Add the rarest to your party, then go to the “Enhance” option to fuse common team members into your rare ones for quick experience level gains. When a unit reaches its maximum level, and you have the materials and Gil to make it happen, then awaken your unit to send it back down to level 1 and upgrade its star rarity (as well as its graphics) by one.

When you complete all of the battle quests in a particular area, an exploration quest will become available. You can go to the exploration area to find treasure, and random battles will pop up just like older Final Fantasy games. If you quit out of the exploration quest while still in the middle of it, you will lose everything, but your goal is to find a second way out. Usually a boss character will be in the way, so save your limit breaks and magic for the boss when at all possible. Once you beat the boss, take the exit and you will beat the level.

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