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CSR Racing 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

CSR Racing 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the smash hit CSR Racing by NaturalMotion, who was also the crew behind Clumsy Ninja. This game brings back all of the street racing fun of the original, plus many other features to allow for maximum car customization and strategy. You can race for cash, gold, keys, and more, driving faster and more exotic cars against increasingly better and more skilled racers. Read on for some tips and tricks for CSR Racing 2!

The most important part of any of these races is to nail the shift timing and the start timing perfectly. Not only will you go faster if you take off and shift with the needle in the green, you will also win extra cash for doing so. The shift indicator is not perfect, though. If you have a lot of wheelspin when you start or shift, then try shifting a bit earlier or starting at a slightly lower RPM.

You can add a significant amount of speed to your car just by doing some smart tuning. As you adjust your nitrous, tires, or any other part of the car, you’ll see the added potential decrease or increase – that’s the “+nn” sign with a number added to or subtracted from your car’s overall potential. Tune your car all over the tuning spectrum to see how high you can increase the potential to, and retune your car when you get new upgrades.

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play CSR Racing 2 on your desktop or laptop on Mac or PC To maximize your playing time. Whenever you don’t have your phone or tablet handy, or you just want to put your phone down, jump on your computer and continue your game from there. Make sure that the accounts are linked via Facebook.

Race in the prize cup and in the custom cup in order to earn more bronze keys, silver keys, and gold keys so that you can get uncommon and rare fusion parts to add to your car. Uncommon parts can be added to a level 4 upgrade part, while rare parts can be added onto a level 5 upgrade part.

Once you beat the boss of a crew battle, you’ll move up onto the next tier. Don’t get rid of your old car just yet, though. Equip your old car and you will be able to go back to the old stages, which is especially important to earn keys and compete in the ladder races. Ladder races are long and tedious because there are so many of them, but the top three ladder races earn MASSIVE coin prizes.

You can earn a lot of free gold in the game, mainly from leveling up, completing goals, and doing other stuff, such as accepting the offer to turn on push notifications for 50 gold when the mechanic asks you if you want to do so. Save up your gold; don’t spend it to speed up anything. Accumulate enough of it and you’ll be able to buy goodies such as new cars.

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