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CSR Racing 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

Play the daily battles every single day, and multiple times per day whenever possible. Daily races will put you up in a borrowed car against someone with an identical car, and if you beat them, you will win the race and win gold, keys and other mystery prizes. Take extra care to perfect your launch and shift timing so that you can win the race.

Join a crew and race in the crew battle as often as possible. As you win races, you will gain wins for your crew. As your crew racks up respect points, you’ll win prizes such as crew RP (respect points) and silver keys. Each individual win also earns respect points for you and for your crew.

So what do crew RP do then? They boost your position in the crew championships, which go on for two weeks at a time. At the end of the championship period, crews are ranked by their RP and members will earn prizes such as keys (gold, silver and bronze), gold, and cash. The higher the rank, the better the prizes.

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The fusion trial is a type of race that requires you to fuse the right parts. If you do fuse the right parts, then you can participate, and the cash prizes can be huge relative to the difficulty of the race. The fusion races refresh every day, so check back daily to see if you have the right combination of parts available to race.

Specific cars can earn you a respect points bonus and a cash bonus. Typically, it’s the cars that are not available in a dealership, but instead can only be one with keys. Silver keys can win you common cars; gold keys tend to win you exotics and epically powerful cars that the silver keys can’t even touch.

If you don’t want to test your car on the dyno, it’s almost as quick to test your car in a regulation race instead. Plus, you don’t have to pay money; instead, you win money. Go to the regulation race to test the effects of changing your shift points, changing your launch RPM and other things. Until you unlock half-mile regulation races, you’ll have to use the prize races to test half-mile races instead of using the regulation races.

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