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CSR Classics – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Sometimes, you just want to race in a world that came from 40-50 years ago, without having to deal with all of these modern cars, with their plastic and their technology and whatnot. If you aren’t rich enough to afford to engage in classic car races, then CSR Classics is where it’s at. You can buy classics from America, Britain, Germany and more, and drag race them against each other, as you go through a quest mode that puts you into a storyline about investigating the head of some secret criminal organization. Read on for the top 10 tips and tricks for CSR Classics!

10) Avoid racing in races that you don’t know for sure that you are going to win.
This rule should be applied about 90 percent of the time. The only time you should risk your stamina on losing a race is in the crew battles, because you kind of have to, since you have no real idea what you’re getting into. Instead, race battles that are winnable, earn the cash, buy the upgrades and then dominate the rest of the field with your hot rodded car.

9) Know when to ignore the green “ideal shift point” light.
Most of the time, you should absolutely shift right when this light turns green; however, some cars will spin the wheels on the shift from first gear into second gear every single time, even if you have every single tire upgrade available. At this point, your best bet is simply to shift when you hit the last red light in the sequence, rather than the green light. You won’t earn the bonus for a perfect shift but you’ll have a whole lot less wheelspin, thus you’ll go more quickly.

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8) Always put decals on your car so that you can make as much cash as possible.
When you decal your car, you will earn bonus money every time that you win. The more expensive the decal, the more money you will earn per round. Spending your gold on a decal will earn you thousands of extra cash per win, which makes even easy wins very lucrative.

7) Use the time lapse cheat to speed up the delivery time on imported parts.
Imported parts usually take six minutes to arrive, which isn’t all that long, but if you are impatient and you want the part right now, set the time ahead by six minutes on your phone or tablet and then go back to the game, and you’ll get your part right away.

6) Upgrade your car to the max before you take on the final crew boss battle in your current tier.
Why should you upgrade to the max? Because after the final crew boss battle, they will challenge you to race for pinks. This will be even harder than the final crew boss battle, and the only real way to win it is to have your car as fully upgraded as possible. Consider using the mechanic boost for this too.

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