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Pro Series Drag Racing: Tricks and Cheats – Tips and Strategies To Win Races And Earn Gold And Cash

Pro Series Drag Racing is the latest drag racing game by Autonoma, who is most well known for Nitro Nation Drag Racing but has put out many others as well, such as Exotics Drag Racing. True to their form, this game features a greater amount of realism in tuning, as well as control, along with a heaping helping of simple drag-racing contest fun against other players and against the computer. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pro Series Drag Racing!

When your car gets more and more powerful your chances of blowing the engine increase. If you blow the engine during a race, very quickly hit the pause button and exit out of the race. When you exit out, the engine will be at the same damage level that it was at before you began the race.

Before you begin purchasing upgrades, go to the upgrade screen and look through everything to see what you can buy that has the most effect for the least amount of money. Cheap yet effective upgrades are all over the weight section especially, including the Driver Diet upgrade which has a large effect and doesn’t cost too much. The more weight your car loses, the less grip it will have, so be sure to increase your grip accordingly.

There are many ways to earn money quickly in the game. One way to do so is done when you have a pro mod car, a funny car or a top fuel dragster. Once you do and especially once they are slightly modified, go to the multiplayer race mode and race against players who are using street cars or retro cars. You will easily crush them as long as you drive correctly.

You’ll win spin tokens as you go, especially with more first-place finishes, but the game isn’t very obvious about where to spend them at first. You’ll see a counter at the top of the screen that’s next to the gold and cash counters. Tap it in order to go to the spin game. At this game you will be able to win free cash and even free gold.

If you want to get a better car, stop buying so many upgrades and start saving up cash. Only buy the upgrades that you really need from that point on. Keep racing and save up your cash and use your spin tokens to rack up more and more cash, and when you finally have enough for one more car, go for it. If you don’t care about car collecting, save up for a funny car or a top fuel car for a completely different challenge than your usual street cars.

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